crossroads jewelry wholesale How can I pay only virtual accounts for the ICBC’s ETC?

crossroads jewelry wholesale

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  1. jewelry wholesaler definition For the opening of the ICBC electronic II account, you can choose to bind automatic recharge or actively recharge.
    Ovitable ICBC: After the customer generates a high -speed traffic deduction for the first time, the ICBC will automatically deduct the recharge from the binding II account to E wallet electronic II account. The subsequent regular (Monday) check whether the balance of the E wallet account is greater than or equal to the selected amount, and the amount is automatically recharged from the binding account to the E wallet account. When signing the automatic deduction agreement, the default automatic recharge amount is 500 yuan, and the actual amount is 300 yuan, 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, and 2000 yuan.
    This reminder:
    Oval recharge function can effectively reduce the possibility of incorporating the disabled state. This function can be opened simultaneously when opening Yuetongbao, or follow-up on the small program homepage-mine-click on the red e wallet balance The automatic deduction recharge function has been opened at the affiliated bank card (if the function needs to be canceled after opening, you can click the automatic deduction to cancel the function).
    Active recharge: Click the “E line card” homepage-recharge-select the recharge method E wallet account, enter the payment password, and recharge from the binding Class I debit card.

    (Answering time: March 25, 2021, please refer to business changes.)

  2. wholesale liquidators jewelry ICBC ETC recharge mainly includes four methods: business outlet payment, service area outlets, mobile phone recharge, and APP recharge.
    1. After the ETC is processed through the WeChat “ETC WeChat” applet, you can complete the debit card to recharge the debit card to the E wallet account through the “ETC micro-service” applet “free payment-view-open wallet-recharge” column Essence
    2. After applying for ETC through the mobile banking app, please make sure that the balance of the debit card or the credit card available for ETC is sufficient, and ETC will automatically deduct. If you use the storage card, please contact the issuer to consult the recharge method.
    3. Payment of business outlets. Generally, there may be more people and longer in line.
    4, go to the toll station or the service area outlets to pay. This method needs to run to the high speed to pay, and some outlets only collect cash, do not provide a card or other payment methods.
    different types of ETC buckle methods are different. There are three main types of ETCs of ICBC, namely ETC accounting cards, ETC storage cards, and ETC credit cards. If you are a bookkeeping card, you need to bind a bank card. Customers use ETC cards to generate high -speed pass fees. Generally, it will automatically deduct the bank card through the binding bank card the next day. If you use ETC storage cards, you need to use the user pre-deposit before using it. Generally, the deduction is completed in 1-3 working days, and the latest 5 working days are completed. If it is an ETC credit card, it has the same limit as an ordinary credit card and has an overdraft function. The credit card bill is cleared on time on the repayment date.
    ICC ETC can repay through counter, mobile banking, bank official website, third -party payment platform, etc., card holders can choose to repay the repayment method that suits them. When returning credit card arrears, users are best to choose the repayment channel of ICBC, not only because the account is fast, but also will not be charged. After the repayment, the user should pay attention to the situation of the account, so as not to affect personal credit reporting due to delay in the account.
    If of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ETC overdue repayment will also affect personal credit reporting, and after overdue, the bank will upload overdue records to the credit reporting center. After poor personal credit reporting, it will affect the handling of various loans.

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