Gold conversion. 1 Two = How many grams = how much money (calculating unit)

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  1. Two 50 grams are the standard. Today’s international gold price is about $ 1285 a ounce (28.350 grams), which is equivalent to RMB 279.
    one or two in gold has different understanding. And different places. Sima in Taiwan is called 31.25 grams, one or two is equal to 37.5 grams in Hong Kong. Stores like Zhou Dafu in the mainland are standard according to Hong Kong. That is, 37.5 grams
    The expansion information:
    The pound before liberation is equal to 16 two, which is the so -called “half pound and eight two”. This one or two is 31.25 grams. Before 1949, the Central Bank of China Central Bank used the gold bar for reserve, commonly known as “big, small yellow croaker”. 5 cities, two gold bars, that is, “big yellow croaker”, weighing about 158 ​​grams (31.25 x 5), the color is 991.0, the pattern of gold bars is carved with Sun Yat -sen’s avatar, and the word “central minting factory system” is cast. Weighing n quantity, color, number, and other words. 1 city two gold bars, namely “small yellow croaker”, weighing about 31 grams and 991.0.
    If in our country’s measurement system, there are two types of weights: public and municipal system, and 1 kg of public system is 1000 grams, which is equivalent to the city system 2 pounds. Therefore, the city system is equal to 500 grams.

    The measurement below the city -made 1 pound, according to the 16th and two -two system of the old scale, the old scale is 16 two, so 1 two are: 500/16 = 31.25 (gram); Old scale 1 two is equal to 10 dollars, so the old scale 1 money is: 31.25/10 = 3.125 (gram);
    is measured by the new scales in the new scale, the new scale 1 The market is 10 two, so 1 is: 500/10 = 50 (grams); the new
    scale 1 two is equal to 10 money, so the new scale 1 money is: 50/10 = 5 (gram); ;
    back to your title, how many grams of 0.787?
    If it is an old scale 16 and two systems: 0.787 (two) × 31.25 = 24.59375 (gram);

    The “two” and “money” of the old scale 16 and two systems in market transactions are only used in gold jewelry transactions and traditional Chinese medicine formulas, and not all gold shops and Chinese medicine stores It is used, so you must figure out in the transaction that it will cause certain economic losses when confusion.
    Reference information Source:
    Baidu 100 family gold conversion

  2. One pound is equal to 16 two, one or two is equal to ten money. “Money” conversion to “gram”, the general conversion method of people is 500g (1 catties) ÷ 16 (old system 16 two is one pound) ÷ 10 (the old system ten money is one or two) = 3.125g (1 money),

  3. One pound is 10 or two is 500g, so one or two is 50g. How much money depends on the real -time gold price. The gold price changes faster, and every day is different. However, the change will not be too great.

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