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  1. design your own jewelry wholesale At nearly 100 million drills
    According to Hong Kong media reports, Mrs. Chen Lan Xiang Huaqiang Chen Lan's "Gorgeous Jewelry and Emerald Jewelry" auction last month was auctioned by 86.11 million Hong Kong dollars (about 68.01 million yuan). You have to auction the largest droplet diamonds in history, and name it "Chinese Star".
    On June 19, 2013, Getter held a press conference to announce to the new owner of the 75.36 carat water drop -shaped diamond pendant "Chinese Star". The 18 -card diamond ring and earrings of more than 30 million Hong Kong dollars are graceful and luxurious. Its whole body diamond jewelry exceeds 100 million Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to wearing a few layers of luxury homes.
    The accompanying son Xiang Zuo to attend a press conference, but she laughed that the gift was given by her husband Xiang Huaqiang. Will she leave her son to marry a daughter -in -law in the future? Xiang Tai smiled and said, "This question will not be answered!" Xiangtai said that this water droplet -shaped diamonds are good in their hearts, and it is difficult to find the number and shape of the card, so it is particularly known as "the star of China" (the star of China "( Star of China).
    The most valuable collection of the most valuable collection of emerald necklaces. It was bought at more than 60 million more than ten years ago. The valuation should exceed 100 million yuan. Ask her the next goal? Xiang Taixiao's fingers should be the national diamond, because there is a price set, like this time she bought at a price of $ 148,000 a card, it was cheaper. Ask if this giant diamond will be used as an investment auction? Xiang Tai calmly said, "Sometimes I buy too much, sometimes I do n’t like to buy too much money, I do n’t like it once, and it will be sold if the price is raised."

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