How about working in a beauty salon? Is it serious? Most of the young girls I see? this? Is there a greasy cat?

5 thoughts on “How about working in a beauty salon? Is it serious? Most of the young girls I see? this? Is there a greasy cat?”

  1. Haha, the beauty salon is actually a very legitimate industry. There is nothing dirty in it. I am telling the truth. My girlfriend is also working in the beauty salon. It is really good in it. In the future, a beauty salon will be opened to indicate that (the high profits of the beauty salon) 100 yuan can be sold for 700 to 1500, which is really good. And now beauty for male customers and scraping cupping are common. I also often go to beauty salons for detoxification, which is normal. Don't want to be crooked.

    Barded, persuaded a machine to be lost, and no longer come. She lets you make the front desk well. In the future, the store manager can work from 5000 to 8000 a month. It is not better to open a beauty salon in the future. The above sentence is the truth. My girlfriend is working in the beauty salon. I know this very well. Give me it. hehe

  2. It's hard to find a job now ... If you have this opportunity to be in front of you. You have to cherish ...
    mad to invite you to do cashiers .. At least it is in line with your professional technology ... you you If you are afraid of this is a trap ... you can also tell her .. first try it ... Also observe ... Then you decide ... if it is serious. Congratulations. You have a good job ... If it is other content .. So quickly clean up the guy. Take a good look ... and find another way ..

  3. Our family is a beauty salon. In fact, the beauty salons are basically formal. It is not good to make this industry famous for some unreasonable industries. This is an opportunity. The beauty industry is very profitable, and you do the front desk, it doesn't matter!

  4. The key depends on whether your fellow is a regular or informal beauty salon.
    It now a regular beauty salon is very difficult to make money, unless it is a very powerful shop.
    of course, the informal beauty salon is very profitable, but it is not worth it when you graduate from college. You often walk by the river without wet your feet.

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