5 thoughts on “How to complete the group announcement in WeChat group”

  1. You can refer to the setting of vivo mobile phones: Open WeChat-click the group chat-click "..."-click the group announcement in the upper right corner to edit and modify. When the group announcement is set to the group to be done, the group members need to click the group announcement to complete.
    Note: At present, only group owners and administrators can edit group announcements.

  2. Hello, as long as you click the announcement to check it, you can complete the group announcement. This design is estimated to be set up for the group owners to facilitate the management of group members.

  3. The group announcement in the WeChat group can open the WeChat group, and then issue a group notice so that the WeChat can be completed. The group announcement in the group is completed by the group owner.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer first enter WeChat group to talk about three points on the top right, then click the group announcement, edit the announcement of the announcement, click to complete, and finally click on the prompt column to complete the group announcement.

  5. How to play a group announcement in the WeChat group? The group announcement in the WeChat group, only the owner can open the WeChat group announcement, and then you can publish the group announcement there

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