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    The industrial organic exhaust gas mainly comes from the exhaust gas discharged in the production process of the oil and chemical industry. Large, combustible, have certain toxicity, and some have bad odor, and the emissions of chloride hydrocarbons can cause damage to the ozone layer.

    How to deal with industrial exhaust gas
    The industrial exhaust gas treatment in different industries, the treatment methods are quite different. The spraying industry and the electronic industry exhaust gas treatment. The electronics industry and ink printing industry all belong to industrial exhaust gas. It cannot be listed here.
    The method of controlling air pollutants for you, I hope it will be helpful to you! The method of controlling air pollutants can be divided into three ways:

    1. Adopting traditional methods to increase the chimney and keep the factory away from the dense population. This approach can only solve the problem of air pollution near the factory, and it is still unchanged to discharge to the total amount of atmospheric pollution.
    2. Install the control equipment before the source of the gas self -pollution source is discharged, except part of the pollution and then discharged to the atmosphere. Pollutants are sometimes recycled.
    3. Change the method and process of production, so that the air pollutants are not produced or the concentration is low enough to discharge without being treated.
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  2. Industrial exhaust gas refers to the pollutant gas generated by the workshop in the process of fuel combustion, production process treatment, product development and other processes during the production process. The discharge of exhaust gas is also increasing, and the direct discharge of unbuttoned exhaust gas has a huge impact. Therefore, the use of the appropriate method of removing exhaust gas is very important, and plant deodorant is a key step.
    I well known that odor is the most difficult exhaust gas in industrial exhaust gas, and it is also easiest to perceive that these stinky substances mainly include: sulfur -containing compounds: such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, sulfe ether; Nitrogen -containing compounds: such as ammonia, 吲哚, etc., and the plant deodorants we are talking about are products developed for these material components. A deodorant can be performed according to different odor molecules, which has the effect of rapid deodorization, efficient sterilization, stable bacteriostatic effects, and prompt the odor molecules to change the original molecular structure and lose the odor to lose the smell. , So as to achieve the effect of removing the odor and generate a refreshing aroma. rn除臭使用设备上rn植物除臭剂可以使用普通的小型喷雾瓶进行喷洒,也可以使用专业的喷雾装备以及大型的喷淋塔设备,通过将除臭液雾化的In the air, forming a small particle state can efficiently absorb evil odor molecules, so that they can generate non -toxic and harmless substances, thereby achieving deodorizing effects.

  3. The principles of industrial exhaust gas treatment include activated carbon attachment, catalytic combustion method, catalytic oxidation method, acid -base neutral method, biological washing, biological dripping method, and plasma method. The exhaust gas treatment tower adopts the five -heavily exhaust gas adsorption and filtration and purification system. The industrial exhaust gas treatment design is thorough and the layer of purification and filtering the exhaust gas, the effect is better.

  4. The treatment of sewage and exhaust gas is timely, acid -base neutral, biological washing, biological dripping method, anaerobic tank, sludge concentration pool, and good oxygen can produce ozone bodies. , In the end, reaches emissions.

  5. There are different treatment processes according to different exhaust gas components, with water dumping, washing method, filtering dust, adsorption, etc.

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