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  1. First, customer service is deeply rooted in people's hearts

    In modern business society, customer service has become a slogan, or a fashion and fashionable. The shouting and shouting, doing home, some companies are serving the real, some companies are deceiving consumers, and some companies are confused about the services and know half to know. But in recent years, in mainland China, customer service has become a slogan, which can at least explain two good things. rnrn一件是说明顾客服务观念已经深入人心,企业主也好,消费者也好,都理解和重视了产品价值的延伸——服务的重要性:对于企业来说, If companies want to sell products, do the market, and create brands, there is no service; for consumers, the requirements for customer service content and level are getting higher and higher, good products, good brands, no good services, we Don't: "Customers are God", "customers pay us salary", "Customers are the god of wealth of our company", "customer first, service orientation", "customers are always right", etc. Which consumers can say that they have listened to the heart.

    . Another thing to show that regardless of your company or customer, you do n’t understand the real customer service. Everyone already agrees that customer service is not done. The company has to recognize the rights of consumers. Selling, not your company's own family, you have to ask consumers to promise not to agree. The rights relationship between customers and enterprises seems to be increasingly unfavorable to enterprises, and the initiative of sales is firmly in the hands of consumers; for enterprises, in the competitive market environment, marketing is to please customers and consumers and work hard. Strive for consumers. Even if it is a monopoly industry or enterprise, such as Microsoft, China, China Hydropower, it has to promote and emphasize services because the service is the general trend, and the service concept has penetrated into all fields. In a business sense, if there is no good service, once the competitors appear, consumers will not hesitate to give you away.

    , the true meaning of customer service

    then, what is service for different industries, different products, different customer groups? We believe that the real valuable customer service in marketing refers to:

    Plores before the buyer's purchase of their own products or services, and actively provide the buyer, all free nature, added value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and with value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and valuable value, and value, and value, and value, and value, and value. Good customer relationship maintenance work. In terms of time, customer service includes pre -sale, sales, and after -sales service. In terms of price perspective, customer service cannot become a cost -effective factors. In terms of continuity, customer service can be short -term or long -term. The essence of customer service is that the seller adopts various necessary means to maintain a good business relationship with the buyer.

    Therefore, we think:

    real customer service must be free, all the services that have been included in the price have been converted into products into products Some parts cannot constitute real customer services.

    Customer service is not only a kind of transfers of the interests of buyers from the direction, but also a true honest and sincere business emotional investment. Consumers, while providing so -called high -quality services, do not constitute customer services.

    The core and soul of the customer service is to maintain the short or long -term good business relationship between the seller and the buyer, so that the buyer leaves a true and beautiful memories of the seller's business personality. Any false and non -moral so -called service behavior can constitute a customer service behavior.

    The essence of customer service is a kind of care and gratitude for buyers or consumers, and is really willing to pay more emotions and efforts for buyers to better use products or services Essence Therefore, customer service is the most humane part of commodity transactions. Without emotional communication and communication, there is no exact occurrence of customer service.

    . Three misunderstandings of customer service

    Although the customer service promotion campaign is surging, many companies and consumers generally lack in -depth understanding of customer services. In practice, many companies are unconsciously trapped into misunderstandings of solving customer service, amplifying customer service, and unlimited customer service:

    -misunderstanding 1 When the service

    This companies take normal parts, packaging, installation and quality guarantees such as three packages (packaging, replacement, repairs), etc. Services. In fact, these are not real services, but the necessary part of the entire product. Without these parts, the products are not complete to consumers. For example, consumers will not install air conditioners themselves, and air -conditioning products must include installation and debugging. Before the air conditioning is installed and running normally, the basic sales process of the product has not been completed. Imagine: Who will buy one What about the air conditioner? As for the quality assurance, it is an important part of the customer who pays the price when buying goods, or take the air conditioner as an example. Who will pay thousands of yuan to the enterprise, and take the initiative to ask and willingly buy back a bad quality goods? The value of quality is also reflected in the payment price for consumers. Quality is an important attribute of the product and part of the product. Of course, it cannot be regarded as a service.

    Misunderstanding two, amplify customer service: "Three companionship" service

    In order to sell the product, some companies have hardly worked hard on the "customer service" up and down : First, the guests are here, the special person is to pick it up, it is best to use the car to run. If the police cars can open the road, it is better. Third, the guests sleep, so wish to make a beauty plan. For terminal consumers, companies also do their best to "serve" enthusiasm: For example foot. Beauty enthusiasm is a good thing, but the size is unknown, making people understand whether consumers buy it as a company's product, or the "service" of the sales staff itself. Because this method is effective for some people during a certain period, these crooked doors have become the secret of business marketing. In fact, where is this customer service? This is obviously another kind of abnormal bribery, or selling another illegal "product".

    Misunderstandings 3: Unlimited customer service: Put any customer requirements as services

    Prenes to "use customers as God", "consumers' needs are the needs of consumers is "Our sacred mission", as long as consumers have requested, we should be satisfied unconditionally. These service concepts exist especially in many service industries that provide labor services. It was understandable to meet customer service requirements, but it did not mean that the enterprise had to meet the requirements of the customer. All services within the service scope that were not enterprises should be provided. Because the service is costly, and it is also regulated by law. So, what is the service that an enterprise should provide? One is that the service must be legitimate, and the other is that the service does not exceed the scope that the enterprise can withstand. Enterprises can't sell you a needle, and then deliver you with this needle to come to the door.

    We we believe that only the concept of real customer service mentioned above is deeply appreciated, and overcomes many obstacles of cognition, and truly treats customers as a community of business interests with ourselves. On the correct road of customer service, you are doing your best, and you really pay, and win the care and affirmation of consumers with the heart of the red heart.

    four, good customer service five elements

    So what is good customer service? After many years of research, we believe that excellent customer service meets the following five conditions, or has the following five basic attributes.


    Her customer service measures or systems must be from the heart, sincere and willing.
    In enterprise sales and service personnel must really give emotions when providing customer service. Without customer service without real feelings, no customer is really touched when it is served. It can only be a form that cannot bring consumers or customers a beautiful and unforgettable feeling.


    The proper sexuality of customer service refers to two aspects. On the one hand, the appropriateness of customer service content and form, that is, the legitimacy of the service content and methods. Customers' services cannot break through local laws and regulations at that time. Generally, they should try to avoid impacting the local core traditional ethics at that time. On the other hand, the customer service quantity and quality are moderate. Because the enterprise provides any customer service, it has service costs, and the level of customer service that is too high or too low is not a wise behavior of the enterprise. Because any company lives for business interests, learning Lei Feng or does not provide any services can not help protect the long -term business interests of the enterprise.


    The regulatory refers to the provision of services to customers when providing services to customers, The standard of service behavior in conjunction. The purpose of customer service is to maintain a good customer relationship, and the scientific, standardized and reasonable services of enterprises and corporate service personnel will help service personnel to improve the service level, ensure the quality of many customer service activities, and achieve the fundamental purpose of corporate customer service activities.


    The continuity of customer service refers to the time, objects and content and quality of the customer service when providing customer service, Continuousness. That is: not today's service, no service tomorrow, this service is good, the next service is poor, there is no continuity in the customer service time; it is not good for this customer, but the customer of the same conditions is poor. , This has no continuity in the service object; it is not more service today, the service content will be less, and the service content will be increasing or decreased at will. This is no continuity of service quality.


    The efficiency mainly refers to the speed and timeliness when providing customer service. For example, the air conditioning in summer: The service of the same content, the two hours to the two days to the two days, the service speed and timely nature are very different. Because for customers, after one hour of repair, you enjoy the cool service one hour earlier and get more product benefits. Many companies always say that they are serving. Customers are God. The real things are coming, but they are thinking about themselves. They prefer to facilitate themselves and do not want to facilitate others. The advantage is that the benefits are better, but the disadvantage is that the customer does not reflect the customer. Real meaning -maintaining good relationships with customers, increasing value and benefits to customers without compensation. Therefore, the next time customers want to run away, it is also true.

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