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  1. WeChat search for groups.
    It to find WeChat group needs to open the WeChat app first, then click on the group chat options in the communication records, and then click to select a group. If there is no group chat in this interface, there is no way to launch group chat. Chatting information, you can wait for other members in the group to send messages.
    In the WeChat software, and enter the name or keyword of the name of the group in the search box above the homepage. Click on the search, there will be a group chat name, click group chat to enter the chat. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the WeChat homepage and click to initiate a group chat.
    Click the first one to select a group. The group chats that have been joined will be displayed. Click the group chat to enter the chat page. Both methods can simply find WeChat group chat.

  2. The steps are as follows:
    1. Methods 1:
    Open your WeChat.
    Click the address book to find group chat.
    The click group chat.
    This after clicking the group chat, I found that there are no groups in the air. At this time, we have to find the upper right corner, there is a sign of the addition, click in.
    This will click [Select a group]
    The groups now appear, and how many groups you add will appear.
    . Method two:
    1. Find the promoters who build WeChat groups and let him pull you into the group (if you know anyone in the group can)
    2, you You can also build a WeChat group yourself, click the button in the upper right corner of WeChat, select a chat in the drop -down list, and then check the friends who need to join the group. Click OK to build a group. (If you need to add a friend, you can get the QR code of the WeChat group, QQ, Weibo, friends circle, Douban, post bar, WeChat group sharing and other websites, which can be)
    3. To join the WeChat group, this requires some places to show WeChat groups, such as WeChat group sharing.
    4. If you have joined a WeChat group, you can let the members of the WeChat group pull you one. Of course, if you have two groups, you can shout to change the group in the group and let others pull you you In the group, you can also pull others into the group.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Go fishing more places to fish, know some fishermen, and let them pull you into the fishing WeChat group. 2. You can go to fishing websites, forums and other websites to exchange fishing experiences, leaving contact information, indicating that you want to join the fishing WeChat group to exchange fishing experience. 3. Find friends who are fishing around to see if they have the WeChat group of fishing, and let them help invite WeChat groups in fishing.

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