How to sell the tape of the box?

Our factory specializes in the production of transparent tape, box tape, etc. Now finding the tape from the agency offices of each city. Factory direct sales, the lowest price in the city

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer First of all, we have to analyze that our products are small. Secondly, we must understand your customer group, that is, that kind of factory or business can be able to understand your advantages and characteristics. Advantages and disadvantages. After understanding these, I said how to find customers.nI told him that the scale you started was a bit small. You can directly face the terminal users of the terminal and wholesale retailers in the region. If the scale is large, you can go to the main wholesale market to find a larger customernFirst, your product advantage is there, no matter how good the tape is, there are disadvantages. When you go to the market, you need to bring a few more tapes. Your product and other tapes compare your advantages there, so that customers know your product, second, what extent can your after -sales service do, whether you can exchange or sell it, you can return it. This is very important to customers. Third, your personal image must give people a good impression. Do not talk about water. It is simple and clear, but do not take the tape as the theme when selling. Because you have brought more money to the customer, you do n’t help him serve, you just introduce, the customer is a friend, not God, to treat him as a friend, be sincere, fourth, your company’s background must be Say, the company's influence and the history of the company, fifth, the market prospects and profit space of the product, no matter how much your product is, that is not a problem, and if you have a small list in your hand, you can give the list Introduce it to customers, these are my experience in selling, and can only provide you with a reference. Everyone sells different methods. You have to try it yourself.nIncrease the channels for finding customers: First, use search engines, which are commonly used in Baidu, Google, etc. Second, the yellow pages can find the contact information and address of relevant customers from the yellow page; Factory or enterprises ask; Five, through social tools, add groups, build groups, release updates to update products and indicate their contact information in real time, and customers in need will contact you.nDo you have any other questions? The order ended automatically after 24 hours. If my answer is helpful to you, I look forward to your praise.n3 morenBleak

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