2 thoughts on “I am doing decoration, how can I get to the customer”

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    It you will find that you will talk to customers a lot
    The owners will think you are very professional. My trick was thought about when I taught my apprentice. Later, the company salesperson used it. Later, the salesperson became the order, and the meal I asked for me,

  2. Call, add owners, acquaintances, and release advertising information, holidays, and weekends on the Internet.
    1, call. You can call the customer source and cooperate with the real estate company. They will have a call from customers who buy a house, so that more precise customers can be tapped.
    2, add the owner group. Now there are owners in each community, and the decoration company can dig potential customers by adding the owner's group to understand the real needs of customers. But after entering the group, the advertising information is as little as possible to avoid causing the owner's dislike.
    3, introduced by acquaintances. You can rely on the relatives and friends around you to introduce good cooperation with existing customers. If they have friends and relatives need to decorate, maybe they will be introduced to the decoration company.
    4. Publish advertising information on the Internet. In the Internet age, you can publish decoration information on the Internet, so that after seeing the interested customers, you may also contact you.
    5, holidays, weekend activities. You can do some decoration activities on holidays and weekends. This can increase the company's popularity. You can also issue leaflets to let more customers understand that the company has organized activities.
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