jewelry displays wholesale china What is the effect of the butterfly effect, and what effect does the butterfly effect have on life?

jewelry displays wholesale china

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  1. china town wholesale jewelry The butterfly effect is a phenomenon of psychology. The original intention was that a butterfly fan wings near the Mediterranean could cause the wave of the world. As we all know, the power of butterflies is weak, so how can it set off such a big wave? Of course, there are exaggerated ingredients in psychology, but if it is not analyzed as a whole, it can really set off a wave. Because the wings of butterflies are incited, the trajectory of the airflow is changed. The rising airflow may reverse, and then the airflow that changes step by step work in the distance. Wave.
    This effect extensively exists in all aspects of life. For example, an aunt accidentally stepped on the mud in the morning when she bought food in the morning, and then she kept complaining and kicked the mud to the door of a merchant. Mud, left, and the sales of the store declined on the same day. This decline is not tight, the boss frowning, the next day the customer saw that the boss was not in good condition and left again. As a result, the boss did not have a good business for a few weeks, so he decided to go out to inspect. Finally, I was optimistic about a project in a foreign country, so I invested decisively to form a large company of 100 billion yuan. Then this big enterprise is due to the old lady stepped on the mud water slurry
    . The same thing also happened in the field of emotional fields. A entrepreneur failed to start a business. If he had no money to repay his debt, he could only borrow money. Whose who borrows? Think about the only brother -in -law, brother -in -law? There was no money but had to install the facade, so he had to borrow his brother -in -law. This brother -in -law had no money, and also borrowed his brother -in -law. In this way, there were more chains to borrow money, and finally borrowed a pair of grandparents. The old grandfather saved all the money for the old grandmother. This chain is over, but they find that their old -age money is gone, and the people who borrow their money will no longer afford the money. In fact, it is only a young man who borrowed money on the source. The young man and grandparents lived in peace, but the grandparents and grandma would never know why their money could be related to this young man.

  2. costa rica jewelry wholesale The butterfly effect was proposed by American meteorologist Edward Lorentz in 1963. He said “A butterfly in Amazon Rainforest in South America occasionally fanned his wings, which can cause one in Texas, the United States two weeks later. Tornado. The reason is that the butterfly fan’s wings cause the weak airflow around you, and the weak airflow will affect the air around them and produce a series of chain reactions. Although the butterfly effect is a dynamic term, it is also applicable to life. People often use this word to describe a little thing in daily life, but they bring their unexpected results.

  3. body jewelry display cases wholesale American meteorologists analyzed this effect in a paper submitted to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1963. “A meteorologist mentioned that if this theory is proven correctly, a seagull fan’s wings are enough to change the weather change forever.” In the future speech and papers, he used more poetic butterflies. The most common explanation for this effect is: “A butterfly in the tropical rain forest in the Amazon River Basin in South America, occasionally fanning a few wings, can cause a tornado in Texas in the United States two weeks later.” The reason is that the butterfly fan moves wings The movement of the air system around it changes and produces a weak airflow. Big change. He calls chaos. Of course, the “butterfly effect” is mainly a metaphor for chaos. It is also the real response of the butterfly effect. A small movement can cause a series of huge reactions.

  4. wholesale stainless steel jewelry supplies Today’s enterprises are also affected by the “butterfly effect”. Consumers are increasingly believed, so brand consumption, shopping environment, service attitude … These intangible values ​​will be the factor for their choice. So as long as you pay attention to it, it is not difficult to see that some companies with standardized management and good operation will appear in their company concept: “In your statistics, only one of the 100 customers is not satisfied with Therefore, you can be proud to say that only 1%are unqualified, but for the customer, he gets 100%dissatisfaction. “” Once you are not good at customers, the company needs 10 times or more efforts to work hard. Go to remedy. “” In the eyes of customers, you represent the company. ” Today, the “butterfly” that can change the destiny of the company is far more than “the hand of planning”. With the emergence of China Unicom’s joining telecommunications competition, private enterprises contract railways, Nanjing foreign enterprises participating in bus competition, etc. And the worry -free monopoly position is becoming increasingly slightly slightly slightly slightly slightly, and open competition has made enterprises have to consider various potential factors that affect development.

  5. rhinestone jewelry wholesale china In life, the butterfly benefits tell us that some things that look at tiny may cause the collapse of the whole thing. Don’t think this folk song looks a little exaggerated, just like the dyke of thousands of miles out of the ant hole. Small things can indeed cause such results. Some tiny moves may change our lives and broadcast a action, and you will gain a habit. Broadcasting a habit, you will gain a personality, broadcast a personality, you will gain a kind of fate. A bold attempt, a bright smile, a habitual action, a positive attitude and sincere service can trigger unexpected starting points in life. Essence The butterfly effect tells us: to prevent micro -ducts, we cannot ignore small loopholes and errors.

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