Biophile metal - Titanium: Leading a Healthy New Life

Titanium, named after Titan in Greek mythology, is a chemical element. The chemical symbol Ti is a silver-white transition metal. Titanium is recognized as a non-toxic element in the world. Titanium with its corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong tensile resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, used in aerospace, construction, ocean engineering, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, medical equipment and other fields.

Titanium is a pure metal. Because titanium is pure, no chemical reaction occurs when a substance comes into contact with it. That is to say, titanium corrosion resistance, extreme stability, so that it can not affect its essence after long-term contact with people, thus it will not cause allergies. It is the only metal that does not have any effect on human vegetative nerves or taste.

Therefore, titanium is also known as the "battle metal". With its natural bacteriostatic and biophilic properties, titanium has become a new healthy material in the manufacturing of civilian products, such as titanium tableware, titanium water utensils, titanium crafts, etc.There's Titanium Seamless Tube.

Titanium pot:

Titanium pot is a delicious pot, chemical properties are highly stable, even "king's water" can not do it. The titanium pot does not react with the ingredients during cooking, so it can ensure the original flavor of the ingredients. In addition, titanium pot is the only metal pot that can be used to boil traditional Chinese medicine, which is sufficient to see that this metal material is safe and non-toxic. And the density of titanium is tiny, the titanium pot of the same size is much lighter than the stainless steel pot, easy to use, labor saving.

Titanium water cup, coffee cup:

It is because of its corrosion resistance and health properties that titanium becomes the perfect material for making water cups and coffee cups, which can adapt to the challenges of various drinks at different temperatures. Titanium water cup has numerous advantages, such as light weight, fall resistance, elevated temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, harmless to the human body and so on.

Titanium tableware:

Excellent biocompatibility of titanium, totally non-toxic, harmless, non-allergic to the human body, its appearance after anodic oxidation treatment, formed oxide film has antibacterial, low density, light weight, elevated strength, corrosion resistance, elevated temperature resistance and other characteristics. Titanium can be made into numerous tableware, commonly titanium chopsticks, titanium spoon, titanium fork, titanium bowl, titanium knife and so on. Using the characteristics of titanium combined with a special physical and chemical surface coloring process, so that it has a distinct metallic luster, the texture can be comparable to silver tableware. Titanium tableware is both practical and collectible, is a gift to friends and relatives, home use of the best. It has long been greatly favored by people from all walks of life.

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