Seeking funny and humorous small drafts or pronunciations (available for the New Year’s Day show)

Number of people: 2 ~ 5 requirements: not too long, easy to rehearse.

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  1. Flower without Ye Er
    I we can perform a cross talk for everyone.
    I I can’t act well, learn from you.
    Is, your performance is very popular with students.
    I me to perform cross talk with you, you are like red flowers, I look like green leaves.
    The metaphor you are wrong, is it that there are leaves?
    of course, red flowers and green leaves.
    Is the snow “flowers” in winter?
    I … also called “flower”?
    The onion “flowers” when you are fried fish?
    Is we eat the blast “flowers”?
    The planer “flowers” under the planer of Kobe?
    B? nor.
    I, if there is a flower, I have Ye Er. I admit defeat.
    I, if you spend no leaves, I admit defeat.
    A no matter what, the metaphor you just hit is incorrect.
    I’s metaphor is correct?
    of course, don’t believe let’s try it again!
    Os of B how to try?
    I, let’s talk about our volunteers today. Do n’t our classmates have volunteers? You first introduce everyone’s volunteers, and then I am an analogy to summarize.
    I, you have such a big ability?
    A, you start talking about it!
    I has a classmate who is particularly good. He wants to engage in scientific research in the future. Everyone calls him …
    “A small computer”.
    I, a classmate will raise hundreds of thousands of ducks scientifically in the future, and do it …
    “Da Duck Commander”.
    I, a classmate grew up and wanted to cultivate water conservancy in the border of the motherland, and be a …
    “A Water Dragon King”.
    I said that a classmate said: “I will learn Chinese medicine in the future, treat the disease for the people, and do it …”
    “Xiao Hua”.
    “‘ Xiaohua Yan ’? When you are experienced, you are already fifty or sixty years old!”
    A, you are 5 or six hundred years old and are also “Xiao Hua”.
    I, you are always much younger than that real Hua Yan.
    I hey! … “If I do n’t learn Chinese medicine in the future, I will study Western Medicine.
    I “one -size -fits -all”?
    Is to open the second knife.
    I is this. A classmate wants to do accounting work, conscientiously calculates the country, and saves expenses. It is really …
    “good butler”. Hey, don’t talk about your classmates, let’s talk about yourself.
    I I have no talents, but I am willing to work on the ordinary career in ordinary jobs. They are like …
    A red flowers.
    I I am like …
    Jia green leaves.
    I haha! Didn’t you say “flowers have no leaves”?
    A? …
    I you lost!

  2. He: The audience friends in front of you
    Horse: The audience friends who are not in front of the TV
    He: Welcome to watch our super happy shopping channel. It is Ma Rui from Taipei
    : Who?
    Horse: Ma Rui from Taipei ~
    He: To tell the truth
    Horse: Ma Li from the Northeast: He: Miss Ma, do you usually walk?
    horse: Wow ~ wow hahah, you really have funny big stars like me, do I need to walk? Yuanmen took a plane home and made an elevator to buy an elevator. The younger brother usually had nothing to do with it. Do you think I still need to walk?
    What: OK OK, even if I asked wrong, can I ask you usually wear shoes r? n: Damn ~ Then you ask someone to tell you as a professional shoes ..
    He: ah ~
    : Sorry ~ Ha as a professional buying shoes Dada, especially a female master, is not blowing me to tell you a 60 -square -meter room
    The whole body shoes are full of whole body shoes. The straw sandal sandals have a strap with a stool with a zipper tie buckle. Speaking of you, you must use a lot of insoles
    Horse: Well ~ yes
    He: Today, you are a celebrity. One celebrity said: It’s really a rest. Today we will bring the super happy insoles that are popular all over the world for
    The people who are popular all over the world to make everyone scream. The pads are all this time I have matched this super happiness, my head is not faint, and my hands are shaking. ⊙) Ah!
    horse: Is it in love ~ Oh, I don’t know why this is ~
    Whir: Of course you have matched our super happy insoles
    R n He: A philosopher once said: At the beginning of people, sex is good; no insoles, do n’t look at our super insoles, which contains 981st processes. This combines the world’s most advanced nanotechnology and uses more than 180 precious Chinese medicinal materials. Our insoles have passed the international ISO certification. It is 100 % green products and 100 % environmentally friendly products. Essence Have you forgotten, a philosopher once said, “When the book is in use, there is less hate, and there are pads in the shoes to not rest.”
    : Hey is not the philosopher said
    Whur: I haven’t yet After speaking, our insoles can not be removed from foot odor to treat colds and can enhance the body’s immunity and improve the speed of stealing and cooking. Everyone should remember that a philosopher once said: Using others’ happiness Shoes let others go unfortunately.
    Horse: Oh ~ I can’t stand it. You call me the philosopher. Control your emotions
    : Wow! Is there such a small insole that is so exaggerated
    He: Of course, because it is a secret weapon that can help you succeed ~
    : Code weapon to help success ~
    He: I want Do you know why Jordan can become the superstar of the NBA
    Horse: Why ~
    He: Because of his super happiness in his sneakers
    : Wow haha ​​~
    He: Want to know why Bill Gates can become the richest man in the world
    : Why ~
    He: Because when he invented Microsoft, there was our super happiness in his feet
    : Wow haha ​​~
    He: Want to know why Obama can become the president of the United States
    Horse: For not interested, don’t want to know
    Hey: OK, that’s why you want to know why you can become a world -class flying fish Is it
    : Why ~
    He: Because he was in his feet with our super happiness when he was swimming
    : Hehehehe
    He: What to do r
    : When Phils swimming, do not wear shoes
    He: You do n’t understand that others do n’t have to be in the pool. : Super Happiness
    He: Yes
    Horse: The reason why these celebrities succeed were because they were super happy
    He: Yes, let’s analyze us with you next. Super happy insoles cannot be appalling or even lying. First of all, it is of course its appearance and color. He: The second is of course its anti -fatigue function. It can be said that how far our super happiness will not be tired
    : The painful pain of the warmth is far from the painful moon and the moon.何:第三当然是它独特的弹性设计rn  合:弹弹弹走鱼尾纹弹弹弹走鱼尾纹rn  何:第四我们要向大家介绍的就是它增强记忆力功能了r N horse: I have learned English since I bought super happiness for my child ~
    What: Seay ~ Mom is not worried about my learning. More men and women are more women
    Fight: We used to be tangled (female hug men) (female laughed wow hahaha ~)
    He: After using super happiness (roar ~)
    horse: I ’m! This insole is great. Smecta
    He: Yes: Yes, we have also hired the most well -known international designer to design a lot of series for us. First, we designed for older friends The mature and stable twelve zodiac series, please see the dragon
    horses: pig
    He: snake
    horse: pig
    He: Tiger
    : Pig
    He: You are endless
    Horse: Then you are not a tiger
    He: oh oh ~ Everyone introduced the year of the tiger year. If you happen to be the year of this year, it doesn’t matter if you can change a belonging ~
    Horse: You should not be disappointed. Is the twelve constellations very creative?
    He: Wow ~ But I have to tell Leo’s friends here. I’m very sorry because of all Leo products. Who did we give to Zeng Yi? : Hey ~ If I belong to the tiger and Leo, wouldn’t it be very declining!
    He: It doesn’t matter you can choose the most fashionable and most fashionable and FISS Avatar series in our latest
    horses: wow ~ (patted) What is this
    ? This is our DIY series. You can put the photos of the people you hate and fear in this blank position. n He: I treat you as my super happiness
    : Ha ~~ is the insole ~
    He: right ~ I can step on you every day
    He: Is it very cool? This is not the end
    He: Please see that we still have a new dazzling to you. The so -called eight -hearted eight arrows are a Rolls -Royce
    He in the best insole in the best insole in the perfect proportions of the perfect proportion of the perfect proportion of the perfect proportion of the perfection. Ma Li, what are you doing?
    Horse: Take it down to get a few diamond ring
    He: Don’t be so fascinated, let me tell you that the position of these 38 diamonds cannot be moved because its corresponding position is exactly the soles of your feet. 38 important acupuncture points are as long as we can accept the most intimate design of the soles of foot massage anytime, anywhere. We do n’t know how much this super happy insole is sold
    He: This kind of insole is selling 998 US dollars internationally, but today we only sell 998 RMB in order to report our country.另外因为今天是我们的元宵佳节我们再去掉一大部分我们只卖98块钱呐rn  马:噢买嘎嘎这种价钱简直就是对超幸福鞋垫的侮辱嘛rn  何:是的Let’s insult us
    : How many doubles we have prepared today
    Hey: Oh, we only have 20 groups, only 20 groups
    horses: haha ​​~ Is it? Is it? Too few
    He: There is no way to get a good product to catch up with everyone. If you really can’t grab it, we can only sing to you
    Can’t buy it, you can’t buy it, you ca n’t buy it, you ca n’t buy you, you are angry, you are angry, you are angry, you are angry, you are angry, you are angry. Can you be a little more in the Lantern Festival?
    He: This
    horses: even ~~~~
    He ) I can connect a electricity Then (fed Mom Wo, step on the bottom twenty bottoms) The bottom of the bottom is the meaning of insoles (Oh, oh Woma Factory to talk about here, yelling first), dear audience friends just called The phone we urgently stocked 20 groups and 20 groups.
    Horse: (Come on the phone call to feed the three aunts, you can drive out 20 pairs of times and let the big sister take it to me. Let me tell you) The audience friends tell you a good news In order to meet everyone’s needs, we specially from the factory from the Northeast ..
    He: coughing ~
    Horse: 20 in Southeast Asia’s factory, 20 emergency drops 20 Double 20 doubles ~
    He: Now we have a total of 60 groups in total, only 60 groups of dear friends, come and order, pick up the mobile phone around you. Ordering the hotline is
    Fight: 88888888
    Horse: Mom, cough me
    He: Wait for your super happiness
    Horse: It is your super happiness
    -in: wow hahaha ~
    Is you are sweet, you want to give points

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