2 thoughts on “What are the main customer groups that do the energy -saving project now?”

  1. Energy -saving and emission reduction requires a lot of funds, and enterprises need to have a sense of social responsibility. At present, only large and medium -sized enterprises have this ability and social responsibility. Therefore, the main customers of the current energy conservation and emission reduction are mainly polluted power plants, steel, minerals, cement and other industries

  2. Luohe Industrial Park (Southern District) Sewage Treatment Plant
    Jinling Garden Sewage Treatment Station
    Ti Zhengzheng Garden Sewage Treatment Station
    Cement Co., Ltd. (Demolition of Lili Kiln)
    The Social Pension Insurance Office of Gauling County (1 demolition of heating boiler)
    Gauling County Yaehui Middle School (1 multi -function boiler)
    Dan Dan Di Food Company (Demolition of 2 Industrial Boilers)
    The Pearl Hotel (Demolition of 1 Heating Boiler)
    Gauling County Wanzi Middle School (1 multi -function boiler) 1 heating boiler)
    Gaoling County Party Committee (demolition and modification of coal -fired boilers)
    Gauling County Finance Bureau (removing coal -fired boiler)
    N Gauling County Land and Resources Bureau (demolition and modification of coal -fired boilers)
    Gaoling Hotel (removing coal -fired boiler)
    Callo Sub -branch (removal of coal -fired boilers)
    Company bath (disassembling and modification of coal -fired boilers)
    The traffic bureau of Gauling County (demolition and modification of coal -fired boilers)
    Gaoling County Construction Bureau (demolition and modification of coal -fired boilers) Boiler)
    The People’s Bank of the People’s Bank of China Gaoling Sub -branch (removing coal -fired boilers)

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