5 thoughts on “Which online platforms can publish recruitment information for free?”

  1. Generally, we generally recruit major talent networks such as Zhilian and Period, and the talents of talents in various regions are generally charged. However, there are also many channels that can be released for free:
    1. Ordinary positions such as administration, finance, interns nThe n Street networks and other
    2. Some relative technical positions
    The tiger smell network (media), Zhihu Community, CNBLOGS (recruitment section in the Technical Forum), Ruipu PPT Forum (professional PPT design talent ) Wait
    3. Operations, product categories
    WeChat public account, Weibo, various self -media
    4. Other fragmented work
    58 city, street network, China Talent Network , Ganji.com, etc., these can publish some recruitment information for free, suitable for security, cleaning, chefs, waiters and other types of work.
    5. Emerging communities, websites, etc.
    What classes are on, a short video recruitment app is mainly for the post -90s basic posts. It is the first video job app in my country. The person provides an effective information service platform, focusing on "watching videos, finding a job", and redefining the job search method.
    This push network, mainly the recruitment platform of the Internet industry, allows recruiters and candidates to seamlessly connect.
    The platform, which provides a platform for Internet practitioners with many years of experience.
    E to share the exchange platform, a account can download 3 major website resources.
    Ilva hunting network registered as a headhunter
    6, other
    The small stations in the same city, Fanglou Dream in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, Fan Ticket Talent Network, Zhixian Network, Liancheng Human Network, Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise 99 and so on.
    It, you can also release through the WeChat circle of friends, the group of related exchanges within the industry, recommendation of peers, and so on.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a Lili consulting teacher. I am honored to answer the question for you. Your question has been seen here. I am in the fast horse and whip to sort out the answer for you. I will reply to you in 5 minutes.n1. 58 The city's collection of recruitment information on the same city is free. This platform can concentrate on local resources and recruit suitable local talents. At present, this website is the third largest recruitment website online. Many companies use this website to use this website. , Solve the problem of short -term use of work, although this website is free. If you want to see the company's recruitment information better, the company needs to spend expensive promotion costs. It is difficult to see recruitment information. 2. Hunting Network Hunting Network is a free recruitment platform in recent years. Many companies have released recruitment information on it for free. The feedback effect afterwards is not very good. The reason is that this website has the real situation of the job seekers. There is no strict screening mechanism, which leads to a large number of job seekers who have a large number of academic qualifications on this website. Reliable free recruitment platforms are better.

  3. Many platforms can publish free recruitment information, such as websites such as Ganji.com, 58 City, etc., but after the information will be set, basically others cannot see it.

  4. 58 City, Linglong Tongcheng, Ganji.com, People's Network, Zhilian Recruitment, Baidu Hundred Hurning, Worry -free Powers, WeChat public accounts, WeChat, Weibo, posting bar, Zhihu and other platforms are all possible.

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