2 thoughts on “Which Urumqi housekeeping service is better”

  1. There are many housekeeping companies. It is good to judge that a housekeeping company's reputation can be inspected from the following aspects:
    1. Check the qualifications
    Whether there is a tax registration certificate issued by the tax department.
    2, choose the appropriate, reliable
    Is to choose a housekeeping company if you choose a housekeeping company. For example, the aunt of Urumqi E housekeeping is complete. Auntie needs to participate in housekeeping insurance, personal accident insurance family property insurance, injury or accidental damage to customers during the service process. R N communicate with the hired housekeeping service personnel in advance, such as specific working hours, work content, work requirements, etc., to avoid housekeeping companies introducing non -corresponding housekeeping personnel. Therefore, when you communicate with your aunt for a while, you can also see the quality of a housekeeping company.
    4, E domestic government has real -name authentication system, price transparent system, housekeeping insurance system, equipment specification system, evaluation feedback system, and comprehensive training system, which is relatively better.

  2. Living in Urumqi Beijing Road, the small room is about 80 square meters. Before February, a family government was founded. The veterans were founded. The service attitude is very good. The speed is OK.

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