wholesale custom jewelry box packaging manufacturer Why did I get nervous as soon as I got upgraded PKC.

wholesale custom jewelry box packaging manufacturer The palms are sweaty because I ’m too big to have a big Yali, or is it bad for the psychological quality?

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  1. wholesale 999 gold jewelry I have left for a while before, but I came back soonn
    answering your question:n
    1. The current policy of novices is very different from before, mainly to avoid someone settle there for a long time, so now, you have no charge for a new application number, you can stay in the novice for 5 days, and then 5 days later you have to rush to rush You can continue to stay there for 25 days, otherwise you cannot enter the game. But your card will not consume points. So you can change your service in this month. The level is still level 20.n
    2. Where did you serve before? From you to play now, you have paid two servers. You tell you which specific server I tell you which service is now and where you are ^ ^. However, it is recommended that you play it again. Of course, the Netcom is of course going to 52. If you want to wait, you can choose the new service next time. But no one knows the specific time.n
    3. It is impossible to be regarded as an assassin era. It ’s a bit over. When you left, the CK era was right. Later, the 3 chapters were the wizard era (the most powerful with the spell (the method of applying the method) and the dead spirit (the body of the attack soldier of the wizard), the CK at that time There are not many servers, and the deadly weapons are canceled. Sometimes it ’s not the same as the 10 skills. Later, 4 photos. It is still the era of wizard, but the archer also began to be strong, representing a bow. By 5 chapters. The hypnosis of the wizard has changed, and the warrior and the pedestrian department have raised it (mainly the skills are easy to get fatal) but the wizard in large PK and siege is still the main force, but due to the strengthening of the 5 chapters of BOSS magic defense and the difficulty of hunting, Excellent bow hunting is more advantageous than the Witch Team.n
    It, you have to team up too bad, sword dance, the most fragrant team, PK I don't think it is bad. If you plan to go to the new service and recommend a career, XL Cavaliers. As long as the weapon follows, the success rate of Nulei (the paralysis of the wizard) is quite high, and the attack is more magical. The three crystals are even tense. Other soldiers are no different from before. Melee is still a team, and the bow is still to form a bow. Of course, when the level is low, the efficiency of single practice is relatively high, but it is not suitable for single training after high.n
    4. As for buying TB, some of them are available in each server, and the reputation sells TB studios. I don't want to advertise them here. In short, you must have a reputable studio in a server. That is inevitable. Those who want to make money can not cheat those small money all day. (Give you a reminder, go to the official website to see the title of December 2nd, there is a well -known TB Studio who was named N -number that day)n
    5. Of course, the popular leveling location is temples and tombs. The strange blood there is high experience, the rate of loss is high, and the general melee will go there to practice. , Press instrument to 70. The most efficient of the wizard is to carry a XL double practice.n
    6. Regarding the gun group, it is the professional formation of the gun, which is currently the most efficient leveling method except the wizard. Generally, there are 2 to 4 guns, plus an XL and a prophet, and the high -level person must also form a master of blood (bishop or elder Bai Jing). Then everyone stayed in one place. There is a front of the car, which is to pull the monster. Pulling a group of monsters in a few rooms in the temple, about 8. Then in a corner, the strange was concentrated together, and then hit the gun (because the gun was attacking). When the monster concentrated, a egg could hit N and only. Therefore, there are more money, so the gun group is also a way to make money for many small studios. Because a gun can hit several rooms in the temple, the gun rooms are mostly in the temple. (Because the studios are wrapped in the room for 24 hours ==). The next temple is to seal the printing stone. You can change GB (ancient gold coins). GB can be used to buy many things that you can't buy in the shops, such as the resurrection of blessings, A, S crystallization, and the A -level double -knife. The seal of synthesis and A -level equipment must be used for GB. Generally, 10,000 GBs in the servers can be changed to TB from 12 to 14,000. Before the temple, find a dawn or a dusk for the village (except for the novice village), and then join a certain party. If you change things or unblocked, you must have a victory to enjoy it. Specifically, after you choose the server, follow the masses. Generally, the dusk was added at the beginning, and then when the city was basically attributable to the alliance, Gamin was dawn.n
    This are basically the current situation. I hope to see it for you. After choosing the server, I will slowly get familiar with it. It is the most promising. Good luck ^^n
    The hand is going to be broken. Essence Essence I'm Telecom, hey, otherwise we can play together

  2. wholesale peruvian jewelry You are afraid of losing, so you will be nervous. If I do n’t guess, you will definitely tremble there because I am like you. After watching it, it doesn't matter if you lose a few games, so you can enter the state. Essence

  3. wholesale portable jewelry showcase displays Don't think of the victory too much. In addition, it is often played in the upgraded PKC. The difference between freedom and upgrade PKC gameplay is very different. It doesn't matter if you are free to entertain and win. There are also few crystal techniques. PKC is not the same as the purpose of winning. As long as you can win, of course, you cannot use assistance. I often play in PKC, it’s okay, just get used to it.

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