3 thoughts on “After wearing a diamond ring for a while, how could it become darker and darker? Is it normal?”

  1. ENID senior jewelry consultant believes that this is because the diamond has a strong littering. After wearing the diamond ring for a long time, the diamond will occupy a layer of oil, which will cause the diamond fire to become worse, that is, we feel that it is getting darker. At this time, we should clean the diamond. If you buy diamonds on ENID, you can go to the ENID diamond direct sales bank on Nanjing West Road for free cleaning. The staff will help you get the diamond ring to the ultrasonic cleaning device for cleaning and maintenance. Or clean it at home. The method is very simple: Soak the diamond ornament with a warm water dishwashing sperm solution, then rinse it with water. Finally, wipe the diamond cloth or wipe the eye.

  2. Diamonds have the physical properties of intact oil, which means that it is easier to absorb oil. Our human body and face will secrete oil on the face. Skin care products such as hand cream also contain oil. If you do not take off your ring and apply it, it is also easy to adsorb on the surface of the diamond.
    The cleaning method is very simple. Rinse it with water and wipe it with a dry cloth. If there is something in the gap, you can go to the gold shop processing and the like, and let them use the ultrasonic cleaner to help you wash it. Shiny

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