5 thoughts on “Does the platinum ring change small, will it have any impact on the ring?”

  1. In fact, whether the platinum ring is modified or not, it depends on which style is it, such as a plain circle platinum ring, or a diamond inlaid platinum ring. The color will not change, because the corrosion resistance of platinum is extremely corrosion, very stable at high temperature, and the electrical properties are also very stable. It does not oxidize at any temperature.
    1. Platinum rings of vegetarian circles
    The general vegetarian circle platinum ring can be changed at will, and there is no impact, but it should be noted that if it means that the circle is small, the general method is to intercept the ring. If you drop it a little, welded together. If there is a pattern on the surface of the ring, it may have a certain impact on the aesthetics of the pattern, and the aperture ring does not have such concerns.
    2, diamond -setting platinum rings
    The platinum ring inlaid can also change the size of the finger circle, but it is not said that all rings can be changed at will. For example, some ring circles are relatively thin and very thin. If such a ring is changed, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in the tolerance of the diamond ring ring, especially the dense inlaid diamond platinum ring.
    The platinum diamond ring inlaid with a single diamond can be changed, but the diamond -set platinum ring changes the finger size is generally more troublesome. After the change, the diamond may have a small change. What’s more, it will cause diamond cracks. Therefore, changing the platinum diamond ring circle must choose a better quality jewelry shop.
    The expansion information:

    The maintenance
    1, when not worn, the platinum ring has a jewelry box or soft leather pocket.
    2. Do not wear platinum rings and gold jewelry at the same time, because the gold texture is soft, if rubbing each other, the gold powder will be adsorbed on the platinum, making the platinum yellow, affecting the pure luster of platinum.
    3. If you wear it frequently, it should be cleaned regularly for a platinum ring to maintain a shiny luster. You can use the jewelery cleaner sold on the market, which can also be cleaned by itself. It is immersed in soap and warm water solution, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.
    4. If your platinum ring is inlaid with diamonds, when you do housework, do not let you wear a platinum ring to stain or bleach water. Although they will not harm platinum, chemicals may cause diamonds Or the gemstone changes.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Platinum

  2. First of all, the ring is still impact on the ring. The reasons are as follows:
    1. The ring is set formed by a cone, which can only be enlarged and cannot be reduced.
    2. The theoretical reduction may be cutting, and the next is the third point.
    3. If it is not inlaid with embedded stones, cutting is relatively easy. If it is embedded with stones, there will be the following problems:

    3A. Cutting should be in the welded position, and the general welded joints inlaid with gemstones are inlaid. Take it off.

    3B. If cut from below, the ring is easy to deform, instead of the original forming round, it will become an ellipse, and it will be easy to fly stone if knocking.

    3C. The cost will be too high, and the general jewelry stores are unwilling to do it.

    The on, the ring is small, no matter what the material has an impact, I hope to consider it carefully when deciding to reduce the ring, and do not listen to the merchant’s casual explanation.

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  4. Generally, if it is a vegetarian circle, it is not possible to change it, because it will damage the pattern. If you change the number of trumpets, you will usually cut a piece of gold, then pick it up again, and the more gold will be returned to you. The re -modified ring has been polished before you, so there is no different one from the appearance, and it will not be black.

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