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  1. When you want to propose like a girlfriend, the first thing you think of must be to buy a diamond ring. However, the price of high diamond ring is not acceptable to everyone. Therefore, at this time, how much you hope to have a special ring to replace the diamond ring and win a girlfriend's heart. Now this problem has been solved. A group of candy artists have developed a diamond ring that can be eaten. It is not only beautiful, but also eats. The sweet feeling makes people feel the happiness of love.
    In last year, the designers designed a ring with cheap materials to replace diamonds. They look valuable, but the price is actually very cheap. Once the design was launched, it was unanimously welcomed by the ladies, so we saw it at various grades of weddings last year. However, this year, a more special ring is born. It not only looks beautiful, but also gives you a sweet taste. This is a ring with various candy instead of diamond ring.
    In the designer of the ring, Brianna, her inspiration comes from a beautiful love. When she was traveling, she came to a well -known candy shop, and met her current boyfriend to commemorate this love. She used the candy in the candy shop as the decoration of her ring, and the result attracted praise from her friends. She also told everyone that most women need to work on weekdays, and many times they cannot wear diamond rings, so the diamond ring symbolizing love is high, and it is difficult to see the sky. In this way, the ring cannot show its own role, without any meaning. After she designed a candy ring, the ladies can wear different rings every day. They are not only good -looking and delicious, and reflect the timeliness of love. Don't wait until the love goes far before regretting.
    It, from the current design of Briana, it is mainly composed of two parts. Pure gold rings and candy accessories. The main materials of candy accessories are chocolate, square sugar, colorful sugar beads and strange sugar. We can see that the style of chocolate is the most, and various styles are full of shape, and according to her, the taste of chocolate is also the best, because the sweet taste is sweet, the smooth taste and love are love is love is love is love and love is love is love. Very similar, so more people also like chocolate rings. But the best -looking one must be a rings made of straw sugar. Through the exquisite craftsmanship of the candy artist, the colorful sugar is used to pull out various shapes. It looks very high in grade, and it is more three -dimensional and full. Not only can it make the texture -like texture, but it can also improve the purity of sugar, and make a transparent texture like diamonds. Therefore, many boys and girls love this material. In addition, there is also a ring without a pure gold ring, which is completely made of candy. Although the price is not as high as the former, this ring is more difficult. It looks similar to jade and is also very popular!
    For this kind of candy ring, the author is worried about two points. The first point is whether it will melt in such a hot weather in summer. The second point is whether the ring has a practical value after a day. Britaina answered these two doubts. Because there is no additive, the candy will definitely be culminated, so she will definitely not support it for a day. In other words, the symbolic significance of this ring is greater than practical significance, so you must ask for the purchase of this candy ring at the fastest speed. I hope everyone can boldly shout their love without regret it! (New Discovery of Technology/Text)
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