4 thoughts on “How many grams of Dali Gold is now”

  1. The quotation of the international gold below:

    The transaction unit buying price and selling price rose to decline

    N USD/ounce 1231.30 1232.30 -0.60 -05%

    The following is the price of today's jewelry gold:

    brand name product name price rising time

    The gold price (Mainland) 312.00 -4 2014-10-25
    Gold price (Mainland) 312.00 -3 2014-10-25
    The price of vegetables 100 jewelry 292.00-2014-10-25
    Liufu Jewelry Gold Price (Mainland) 312.00 -4 2014-10-25

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the market price 385 per gramnWhat is the difference between asking questions about Wanjinjin and QianfujinnAnswer 1. Different gold content: The gold content of thousands of gold is 99.9%, while the gold content of 10,000 enough gold is 99.99%. 2. Different colors: The gold content of thousands of gold is smaller, so the gold color is lighter; and the gold content of Wanquan gold is larger, so the color is darker. 3. Different hardness: The gold content of thousands of gold is slightly lower, so it is softer than 10,000 enough gold.nQuestnMore 2nBleak

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