2 thoughts on “How much is a gram of gold jewelry”

  1. Today, the gold of gold jewelry is identified as XAU (gold) gold, and the price is determined as silver XAG. The international price of gold in US dollars / ounce, and the price of gold is per unit / gram. Gold price is 230 yuan / g, gold is 229.5 yuan / g, 18K gold is 172.5 yuan / g, and pt950 platinum is 375 yuan / g. recently, the gold price has continued to fall, and the current gold price is about 215.2 yuan / g. The price of thousand gold has dropped by 20%. In the past month, the price of thousand gold has dropped all the way, from the peak of about 298 yuan per gram to the current 215.2 yuan. Compared with the peak, 20% is cheaper. The 20% increase in sales and the fall in gold prices attracted a large number of consumers, which greatly increased the sales of thousands of gold. According to the gold counter salesmen in the shopping mall launched in recent weeks, there were four or five people who bought gold jewelry in the past, and now there are 50 or 60 people at the reception every day. The daily sales have increased by about 20%. According to the gold traders, judging from the current situation, it is possible that the gold price will have to be abandoned, but the range will not be too large.

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