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  1. Friends around them married one after another. Many friends asked, what kind of diamond ring is the best?
    The concept of the so -called "good diamond ring"
    It people think that good quality is good diamond ring
    Some people think that high price is good diamond ring
    I think that diamonds are a good diamond ring
    In some people think that the meaning is good is a good diamond ring
    . What about the diamond ring
    It thinks of good diamond quality, good meaning, suitable price, good -looking diamond ring
    The most important thing is the quality of diamonds
    The 4C of the diamond actually said that the most important thing is his cut work
    because his size as long as you have money, you want to buy a lot of cities
    But how to see how to see this label without explanation
    , you need to really cut your professional instruments to see
    , which is the cut mirror in our jewelry industry
    as long as you hold the cut mirror, you can see the complete and symmetrical eight arrows
    then you don’t have to worry about the diamonds not flashing enough
    often you ask the guidance to buy this diamond ring. When it is not bright
    This Shoppy tells you that the lighting problem is still gray or something on it
    that is the flicker
    It is necessary to look at the cutting
    The worst part of the cut work must also be selected or VG
    Then there is another problem. How much money is spent to buy a diamond with an H color net SI or more, the best
    Then I briefly give an example here
    If 30 points H si VG price at 5000-6500 enough (National Inspection Certificate)
    If 50 points H SI VG price at 8000-11000 (National Inspection Certificate)
    If it is 100 points H SI VG, the price is 35000-40000 (National Inspection Certificate)
    , so after reading
    , you can go to the store to see
    or compare the diamond ring you bought
    Is it worth it?

  2. As a jewelery appraiser, the experience I wrote myself is more practical. The landlord can look at it, and it should be helpful.
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    Speaking of diamonds, you must first understand the diamond 4C grading. Today, the diamond 4C classification standards are very mature. Generally, ordinary buyers need to understand some 4C classification knowledge. When buying diamonds, they can also be handy like experts. At the same time, it is also the most reliable type of online shopping for buying diamonds online.

    The diamond 4C level includes:

    1. carat weight (cache), 1 carat = 0.2 grams. This is the most intuitive. There is nothing to say. Everyone knows that the bigger the diamond, the better. Essence

    2. Color (color), the color level from high to low, is D-Z, D color is colorless, Z-color is the most yellow, but generally only to N color, there are very few levels below N See. For those who have not been trained by diamond classification, H color is a dividing line. Diamonds above H color basically do not feel yellow. Starting from the I-J color, you can faintly feel the yellow tone. I feel yellow more obviously.

    3. Clarity, the clarity level from high to low, divided into if, vvs, vs1, si, p (P is the domestic standard, GIA use i). For clarity, you don't need to pursue too high. Even if the VS2 clarity level diamonds, it is difficult to see the flaws with the naked eye. If you level, you may see a little. But you must not choose the P level (or level I. There are many seductive diamonds on the Internet, which is this level). Although this level of diamonds are very cheap, too much flaws will affect the durability of the diamond. When it comes, it may crack.

    4. Cuts (cut). Many people do not care much about cutting levels, but in fact, cutting is also very important. Bad cutting will bring two bad effects. One is to affect the brightness and fire of diamonds. Diamonds are either dim, or pale without fire, and it looks dull; the other is that there may be a situation of "spend a lot of money and buy a small diamond". Some diamonds may occur. Some diamonds When cutting, in order to make the weight bigger, the waist of the diamond will be made very thick. In this way, the same weight diamonds are much smaller in diameter. Essence For example, if you buy a 50 -point diamond, if the waist is very thick, it may look like only 40 points. Essence

    In general, for diamonds that are wearing or sending family and friends, personal recommendation, color level selection I-J, clarity vs1 or SI1 diamond. The cutting level should be high, try to choose diamonds with cutting levels EX (excellent) or VG (good). Such diamonds are cost -effective and can have better results, and the price will not be too expensive.

    But if it is for the purpose of collecting and value preservation, it must be as high as possible as possible. The high -level diamonds have greater room for appreciation.

  3. Select diamonds to see 4C, fluorescent and milk green.
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