5 thoughts on “Is it necessary to be hotly discussed after getting married. Do you choose to wear a diamond ring after you get married?”

  1. When I get married, I will choose to wear a diamond ring. Because I buy a wedding ring, the inlaid diamonds are very small broken diamonds, that is, the kind that can be worn at will in daily life. After all, the wedding ring represents the love token of the two. Represents loyalty to love. I wanted to customize it earlier. For example, the real -name customization that is more popular now, I think Levis may be good, and I have the meaning of only one person in my life. I think it is quite in line with the meaning of the wedding ring. Later, considering that I need to wear it everyday, I bought it. I bought it and bought it. Inlaid small broken drill models.
    The first ring originated in ancient Egypt, and expressed eternal meaning in the small and medium circles in Egypt's pictographs. Later, due to historical reasons, the ring was introduced into ancient Rome, and then gradually became a symbol of love for love and engagement. At the beginning, men did not wear rings. After World War II, they started to exchange rituals to exchange rings at the wedding ceremony to symbolize the tacit understanding and eternity of the bride and the groom on the road of marriage. With the prevalence of Western weddings in recent years, the symbolic object of wedding ring has also been introduced to China.
    The wedding ring mainly has the following meanings:
    1, swap ring: usually symbolizes two people's sincerity, change the heart with the heart, and also play a role similar to a certain token; r
    2, symbolizing eternal: wedding rings are mostly diamond rings, because diamonds are the hardest and long -lasting things in the world. Use her to express love for a long time and can withstand all kinds of Feng Shui and rain;
    3 Pure and indifferent: Diamond is pure and transparent, is a symbol of pure love, which means the loyalty of love, and cannot be violated by others;
    4, a contract: The representative has supported each other from then N therefore, in view of the above reasons, usually men and women after marriage often wear wedding orders. On the one hand, they express the meaning of lover often accompanied by, and on the other hand, it also avoids the embarrassment of pursuits in life.
    The male friends and colleagues around me, the wedding rings that are generally married will be worn in their hands, of course, it does not rule out the possibility of individual people who are uncomfortable or not wearing other reasons. In addition, we must not regard the wearing wedding rings as a sign of loyalty to love. Feelings should be reflected in the subtleties in life.

  2. Except for the days of marriage, I haven't worn it later, not only the ring has not been worn, but I don't like to wear the necklace ear ring bracelets, because I do n’t like to wear these things. I used to be a nurse and washed it many times a day. It feels very uncomfortable to wear these things now.

  3. It will definitely bring it in some important occasions and necessary circumstances. Wedding rings, as a sign of life, can tell others directly that you are married. Of course, some people will directly express their emotional state through words.
    Wedding rings, as a token concluded by the emotions of both parties, show not only responsibilities but also trust. But in the end, its essence attribute is still a item. If you have no deliberate thoughts, sometimes it is not possible to bring it.

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