5 thoughts on “The jewelry in my house was stolen. I suspected that it was my brother. Can I get it back after reporting the case?”

  1. Let’s talk to her dad first and let the parents ask. If she said that she was not stolen, you told her that it showed that the family was entering the thief at home. Go back or still at home. There is really no way, you can call the police in the end

  2. You can call the police. Before the alarm, he talked to his family. If it was taken by his brother’s daughter, the parents heard that they would call the police. They were afraid that they would let them be taken out.

  3. Well, there is no need to call the police for your own family. If it is a foreign thief. It must be stolen by cash. They are all in the family. When it happened, it was fine.

  4. That is to say, the pro -prestige is not easy to ask, one way to choose to call the police, let the police deal with it, and the other way is afraid that the pro -prime ministers will tear up their emotions, and try to pick up the valuable things in the future.

  5. If things are lost, you can only report to the case. People can find it to help you find it. You can’t guess it yourself. You can only suspect that the police will investigate them to see if you can’t talk about it. This can easily affect the feelings between you. If not, you will not face others in the future, but the Public Security Bureau can ask him,

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