There are many silver jewelry wholesale along the street. Does anyone know whether it is sterling silver? How is the purity? Thank you!

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  1. The silver jewelry can be divided into sterling silver, pattern silver and color silver from high to low. According to the processing method, it can be divided into cast silver, creating silver and silver fine work products. The identification of silver jewelry can also adopt methods such as seeing color, test hardness and elasticity, weight, listening rhyme, reagent test and other methods. The silver jewelry has a color of more than 97 %, the epidermis is white and delicate, and the luster is soft and pleasant. The lower color of the skin is blue or gray, and sometimes it is yellow and black.

    The silver jewelry itself is very plastic and has a variety of shapes. It is no longer a simple sterling silver jewelry in our impression. It has a lot of fashion elements in styling, variety, and craftsmanship, and the sales of silver jewelry are also increasing year by year.

    In addition to sterling silver jewelry, there are also black silver jewelry, Tibetan silver jewelry and color silver jewelry. The temptation of silver jewelry is that it can inlaid gems or imitation gems and other materials, which is more diverse.

    The raw materials for silver are cheap, but some manufacturers will add cheaper metals such as cadmium, iron, copper and other cheap metals in silver. Cadmium is harmful to the human body, and it is not allowed to be mixed in jewelry according to regulations. Manufacturers do this mainly to reduce costs and get higher profits. The copper wire is mainly mixed with the middle support frame in the silver lock. The supporting frame in the silver lock according to the national regulations should also be silver. Because the copper silk is hidden in the silver lock, consumers can't see it at all. Only when the jewelry detection is performed, it can see the true face of Lushan. Only when it is waiting for a long time, the copper rust inside is exuded can consumers find it.

    The silver jewelry is not valuable, but there are true or false. Although this phenomenon is not common, consumers should master some methods to identify silver jewelry. Consumers can be tested through the physical properties of the silver when they buy. The usually inspection methods are:

    In the color of the jewelry: the higher the purity, the white the silver, the surface of the jewelry, the surface of the jewelry looks uniform, there is any polish. If it contains lead, the jewelry will show blue and gray; such as copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough, and the color is not moisturized.

    The weight of jewelry: Silver density is slightly larger than the general common metal. Generally speaking: "aluminum light, silver weight, copper is not light and not heavy." Therefore, weight can be used for it. Whether to make a preliminary judgment for silver. If the jewelry is large and the weight is lighter, it can be preliminarily determined that the jewelry is other metals.

    The hardness of the hardness is lower than the copper, and the large and tin is large, which can be tested with the inconspicuous places where the jewelry is scratched by large head needles. If the needle is slipped, it is difficult to leave traces on the surface. Copper jewelry jewelry; if it is a lead and tin texture, the traces are obvious and prominent; if there are traces of the physical objects, but not obvious, it can be initially determined as silver jewelry jewelry.

    The sound rhyme: Silver jewelry jewelry throwing the ground, no elasticity, the sound is "卟 卟 卟". The lower the color, the lower the sound, and the higher the sound, the higher the rhyme; if it is copper, the sound is higher and sharp, and the rhyme sounds are short and short; , No elasticity.

    The physical properties and experience of silver alone are not ideal to test silver jewelry. Only by destroying silver jewelry can use chemical methods can the true and false and disadvantages of the true and false of silver jewelry. However, this is not reached by consumers. In addition to mastering some basic inspection knowledge when buying silver jewelry, consumers should also pay attention to whether the silver jewelry has relevant certificates, certificates, and certificates. Only the silver jewelry detected by the testing agency can buy it. In addition, the silver content of silver jewelry must be accurately indicated that consumers should check whether there are "925" on the jewelry when purchasing. "925" is a symbol of sterling silver. As long as there is "925", you can ensure that what you buy is a real sterling silver jewelry. When buying, pay special attention to whether its deduction can be deducted and reliable. When buying the silver chain jewelry, you should flatten it to see if the chain ring is knotted or bent. The price of silver jewelry is determined according to the content of precious metals, structural design and craftsmanship. Therefore, the most important criterion for choosing silver jewelry is to depend on whether you like

    925 Silver Jewelry. Xiao Knowledge

    About 925 sterling silver
    It silver is an indispensable combination metal in K gold jewelry, but as a silver -based jewelry, it is mainly high -purity "standard silver" one kind.
    The hardness of the silver is 2.7. In order to improve its hardness and obtain the best molding effect, it is necessary to add 7.5 % copper to the silver when making jewelry. This silver containing 92.5 % and copper -containing 7.5 % alloys, which are called standard silver internationally. It is also known as the British Sterling. In addition, there are foot silver jewelry with a silver content of 99 % in the market.

    925 Silver is the international standard silver for the international silver jewelry. It is different from 9.999 silver, because the purity of 9.999 silver is relatively high, it is very soft and difficult to make complex and diverse accessories, and 925 silver can do it. The 925 silver jewelry is not 100%of the silver content, because the 7.5%alloy added to the sterling silver improves the luster, brightness and hardness of the silver. Only we have a colorful silver jewelry today* _*

    If of the identification of silver
    1) mark. Silver jewelry should generally be marked with Yin's English abbreviation ("S" or "Sterling"). The mark of the standard silver is S925. Foot silver's mark is S990. However, many countries do not print on silver jewelry.
    2) color. The silver jewelry is mostly yellowish white, with a soft metallic luster. Because it is easy to oxidize, the color will become dark yellow and white.
    3) Heavy. The density of silver is 10.53 grams / cubic centimeter. Smaller than platinum and gold, without falling feel. Steel needles can draw traces or bend. In this way, it can be different from the platinum owner, K platinum or imitation silver.
    4) acid test. Silver will change color and even dissolve. If a drop of concentric acid is dripped on the inner side of the silver jewelry, a white moss -like silver chloride sediment will be generated immediately. Other precious metals have no such phenomenon.
    5) sound rhyme. After the standard silver jewelry landed, the sound was dull, no bounce, no rolling.

    The maintenance of silver jewelry

    The natural phenomenon of turning the silver jewelry is black, because sulfur and oxide in other natural media have certain corrosion of silver After wearing it for a while, there will be some tiny spots (sulfide film), which will spread into pieces for a long time, and even become black. Even if the protective film is plated on the surface of the jewelry, if you do n’t pay attention to time, you will still be still if you do n’t pay attention to it. Oxidation effect. Therefore, the current silver jewelry has some color changes due to oxidation. However, if you pay attention to the following points, you can extend the bright period of your baby jewelry ~~~~~~

    Wear precious metal jewelry to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.

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