1 thought on “What are the meanings of four -leaf grass, key, and nail rings? Speak clear at a time”

  1. . When it comes to four -leaf clover, key, nail ring, friends who know a little about jewelry probably know which brand of classic masterpieces are. Today we will talk about what they have. Why does it look very simple?

    Alias ​​alias are lucky grass.

    has four leaves with four leaves. The leaf represents Health
    ③ The third leaf represents Glory
    ④ The fourth leaf represents Riches
    The grass contains the four things you dream of in your life

    Most of the jewelry brands have four -leaf clover -shaped jewelry. Among them, Van Cleef 草 is the most classic and famous. Four -leaf grass, with luck, can become a lucky man. I heard that with Van Cleef

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