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  1. Everyone has an inexplicable sense of nostalgia for the snacks they had eaten when they were young. Even if they grew up, they no longer like to eat these snacks, they can still remember their names, and they are so cheap when they were young. Memories, but there are still snacks in some small places. Let's see if you still know these things?
    The chocolate snacks, there are two kinds of chocolate, the taste is sweet, the taste is crispy, and it is also a pleasure to lick the chocolate on the membrane every time.
    The spicy slices of dime at a young age, fragrant and spicy and delicious. Now there is no such cheap price, and now the spicy bar is no longer such a cheap price, and many of them have invested well. The production is even exported to overseas.
    Jiangmi bars, it is really difficult to find now. When I was young, it was sold on the rural areas. A few dollars can buy a lot of dollars a pound. Children like to eat.
    I medical sugar pills, now there is no such sugar in the hospital. Remember to get an injection when you were a kid.
    classic snacks in elementary school, milk flavor, can be bought now, but it feels not so delicious. It is also a relatively expensive snack.
    Watermelon bubble sugar: two cents, you like to chew and eat together with different colors, you can't blow up bubbles.
    I heard that it is also called mouse shit, a box of 5 cents, a tangerine flavor, sweet and sour taste, and some Chinese medicine flavor. I personally like it.
    This potato chips can be fried with a small pot. There must be many people who have eaten it. The price is very cheap. Now there are many places to sell, no matter what time it is delicious.
    This tongue has jelly composition. I like to lick and eat
    This. This snack looks like a small stone. It is actually chocolate. It is a bit sweet and the taste is relatively hard. There is also a yogurt flavor, which is lighter than chocolate, but personally prefers chocolate.
    It jumping sugar, it will slap after eating the mouth, that feeling makes people stop! When I grew up, I found that there are still other usage of jumping sugar ... It really opened the new world ...
    Ol flowers are the favorite snack NO.3 in elementary school, and it is also one of the most popular snacks. A bag. Small bags of hair, big bags five hair. Sweet and sour, there is a little salty, chewy, cheap and delicious.
    Mades, have these snacks have eaten when they were young? Have you eaten at least the post -80s, right? Or what other editors missed, welcome to add!

  2. 001 Diamond Sugar
    The diamond sugar is also the ring sugar. There is a base that can be covered on the finger. The sugar on it is the shape of a translucent diamond. There should be no little girl who will refuse this sugar. What the specific taste is not clear, it should be the taste of ordinary fruit candy. But because of the shape and the dream of princess, it won the hearts of thousands of girls.
    002 Figs
    Remember that there is a small shop at the entrance of the elementary school, which is the first stop for children to school. I buy figs every time. I remember that it was two bags of dime at that time. After squeezing in and buying it, I had to come out to share with good friends.
    003 jumping sugar
    Speaking of jumping sugar, it is stimulated. In the mouth, the whole is dancing, crackling and ranging, can't stop at all. I felt particularly fun when I was a kid. I saw it every time I saw it in a small shop. Later, I couldn't see the figure of jumping sugar for a long time, and I thought it was gone. Unexpectedly, in recent years, major supermarkets have also sold jumping sugar. Every time I eat it, I have a sense of carefree time when I eat.
    004 The little raccoon is simply noodles
    The raccoon simply noodles are snacks in junior high school. Everyone was growing in middle school. This kind of snacks that have a taste and can fill their stomachs are naturally sought after. The most common method is to open the packaging bag, sprinkle the seasonings, keep kneading, and crush the complete noodle cake. There is a special feeling of anger.
    This raccoon simply has a lot of flavor. The best one should be grilled meat. We often buy a bag of noodles, and there are several people, one by one, holding it. At the end of the ate, I poured into my mouth in one breath, which felt particularly cool. I still remember that the physics teacher in the middle school was the image of the short and black and black, and we all called him the little raccoon.
    Uh ... this is the topic of exposed age ......... what impressive snacks did you eat when you were a kid?

  3. 1. Big white rabbit toffee
    D white rabbit toffee is the most delicious candy in the memory of children in the 80s. This big white rabbit toffee is generally difficult to buy in the countryside, and many of them are brought back to us from relatives in the city. As long as he was holding a big white rabbit toffee in his hand, it would definitely attract the saliva of your friends.
    2, a pack of money and a pack of plums
    The favorite and happiest thing when I was a kid was to drag a few cents in my hand, and ran to the small sales department in the village to buy a talk. Every kind of plum will be tried. Dozens of words will always have a taste that will make you like. My favorite Mei is a salty plum in sugar, and the salty, sweet and sour taste is really memorable.
    3, snow strip snow batch cone
    In when I was a kid, I had to go out in the town before there was a ready -made snow cream for ice cream. Children rarely have the opportunity to go to the bazaar. Sometimes the sale of the sale is sometimes recycled the garbage at the same time, and they will push the bicycle to sell cold drinks from house to house. Some people directly buy money to buy, and some will use some waste products to change. 1 cents of snow bar, 2 cents for snow, 1 meter for measuring 2 cents.

  4. As a post -80s, eating snacks was definitely a luxury thing when he was a kid. When I was a kid, my parents were poor, but my parents could do my best to meet our material needs for themselves.
    Remember that when you were just remembering, the most impressed snacks were Bu Bu Xing. Every day, my mother took myself to buy a bag of Bubing, and then gave himself to his grandmother. Essence Until now I see Bu Bu Xing, I always think of the scene when I was a child: I played with my grandma in the yard, and my grandma would let him eat snacks at noon. Get up and blow yourself. This is not hygienic but a concept of conservation of the old people.
    It in elementary school, there is an uncle at the gate of the primary school. Whenever he is in school, he always wants to buy a bubble sugar, Tang Seng meat to eat like other classmates. The name of Mei's snacks is not the real meat). Later, I boldly secretly took the money of my parents to buy snacks. I bought it every day. After the parents discovered, they just trained themselves and did not beat themselves hard, but since then they have produced a "immunity" about snacks. The knowledge of school is the first priority. As long as you go to school, you do not buy snacks.
    growing up again. I like to eat the noodles of Hualong every day. Pour the seasoning on the noodle cake and knead the noodle cake into pieces. The most impressive is his advertising word: "Hualong noodles, see every day!"
    The most impressive is ice cream. Eating ice cream was definitely a luxury in the childhood after 80s. The refrigerator family is definitely a minority, and families with refrigerators will definitely buy ice cream in the summer. The first ice cream he had eaten was bought by his aunt from the city. In the class, he had boasted with his classmates in the class. Essence Essence
    The snacks I ate as a post -80s after the 80s, but each snack is very profound in my memory, because each snack is given the love of my parents!
    It safe gas, warm you and me, get more gas knowledge, please pay attention to the public account of "Lecture Hall".

  5. I have eaten big knife meat, two cents of ice cream, 12345 biscuits, these small snacks have been eaten before, these are childhood memories, think about the past little bit of the past. Like the same, it is still immersed in my own small world. Time is like arrows. Those childhood snacks are all traces of my full years.

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