1 thought on “What kind of advertisement is diamonds that forever?”

  1. In 1951, the Zhiwei Tangson Chicago began to shape the image for Dabirs. “Diamonds are long and long, a forever -legend” has set off controversy! Because the diamond dealer Dobels applied for a trademark registration, but the domestic jewelry industry believes that this is a foreign businessman. How can an advertising sentence be used as a trademark? At the same time, it is pointed out that the old version of the trademark law clearly stipulates that this advertising word cannot be used as a trademark, but the new version is deleted. If Dabirs does not give up, they will litter to the end. “Diamonds are long -lasting, a forever legend” makes everyone a well -known advertising sentence, which can not be used casually in the future, because it has been registered with trademark registration by the global diamond market leader Debers, but this also allows domestic jewelry industry to group love Except for the Dabiez, which was relying on them at the beginning of the country, he also questioned the process of registered trademarks. Xu Lunhua, chairman of the Taiwan Gold and Silver Jewelery Association, said that Dobels suddenly applied to the Intelligent Property Bureau for a trademark registration with “diamonds for a long time away.” Advertising, now Dabels takes this sentence to register trademarks. The jewelry associations in 13 counties and cities across the country have proposed trademark objections. The North County Jewelry Association is the first case to enter the administrative court. Indeed, in the main points of the operation of trademark regulations issued in November 1989, the “Diamonds are long and long, a forever legend” is an advertising word, which cannot be used as a trademark application. One case, and Dobels, who applied for many years, obtained trademark rights at the end of 1992. Hong Shumin, deputy leader of the Trademark Rights Group of the Intelligent Bureau, pointed out that “Diamonds has a long -lasting forever” originated from the English trademark “” of Daibirs Company. The company has been promoting this sentence since 1990, so yesterday After the trial of the Taipei High Administrative Court, the trademark registration was legal, and the North County Gold and Silver Jewelry Association lost the case, and there was no ambiguous in the middle. Although the Intelligent Property Bureau denies the door to help Dyberz open, the domestic jewelry association said that it will continue to appeal, and the trademark war in the advertising famous sentences may continue to be left.

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