5 thoughts on “Where are the top ten business gift companies?”

  1. The Top Ten Brand List/Top Ten Business Gift and Gift Company (2010)

    1 Yilian Gifts (Chinese Gift Gift Expert, Beijing Yilian Liye Technology Development Co., Ltd.)
    2 Yunzhonghe (Top Ten Gifts and Gift Company, Shenzhen Yunzhonghe Industry Trade Development Co., Ltd.)
    3 Boyuan Gifts (Top Ten Gifts and Gift Company, Tianjin Boyuan Cultural Gift Company)
    4 Hengjing Gift ( China’s Top Ten Brands, Guangzhou Hengjing Gifts Co., Ltd.)
    5 Friendship and Ceremony (Top Ten Gifts and Gift Company, Beijing Youxin Liye Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.)
    6 Dongxin Liye Brand, Hubei Dongxin Liye Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)
    7 Rongshangli (Top Ten Brands in China, Chongqing Rongshang (Liye) Science and Trade Co., Ltd.)
    8 Company, Guangzhou Jianwen Gifts Co., Ltd.)
    9 Harde Gifts (Top Ten Brands in China, Nanjing Harde Gifts Co., Ltd.)
    10 Modern Gift Online (Top Ten Gifts Company, Beijing Nine Investment Products Chuangchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.)

  2. [1] Summary
    The ranking of business gift companies will change over time, just like Kodak of the year, the first first, was still abandoned by the times, and finally withdrew from the market, so there was no unchanged so -called ranking!
    [2] Suggestion
    The business gift customization many professional gift customization companies can provide (we are the same). The difference is the time experience of business gift customization, project experience, service process, product process, after -sales service If you do n’t use all aspects, it often leads to different customized gift customs experience. Generally, customized gifts are recommended to find big gift companies.

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