5 thoughts on “Who knows the price of gold jewelry in Qiqihar shopping mall on January 24, 2012? Urgent. thanks”

  1. For a while, the gold price of gold jewelry was only about 350 yuan per gram. Yesterday, Chow Tai Fook and Golden Supreme Jewelery in New Mate Mall learned that the price of thousands of gold jewelry increased by about 10 yuan per gram last week, and the price per gram is now 400 yuan. Although the price of gold jewelry has reached a new high, the enthusiasm for buying gold customers has not diminished, and now it is the peak season of newcomers. Young couples are more willing to buy gold jewelry with value -preserving the function. It will usher in the peak sales season, which also makes the sales of gold increase from a while ago, so even if the price of gold rises, the merchants will not worry about selling. At present, PT950 platinum has also risen by 10 yuan per gram, priced at 508 yuan, and the price of silver is currently not large. Industry experts remind citizens that in the context of constantly refreshing historical records in gold prices, consumers should treat them calmly and do their best. Do not blindly chase high. The price of precious metal prices is very large, and the risks are not small.

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