5 thoughts on “Why is diamonds a IQ tax? Is the significance of buying diamond ring now?”

  1. Personally, why do diamonds pay IQ taxes? Because the vast majority of diamonds are not preserved, to put it plainly, it is basically worthless except for glittering and beautiful. Unless it is a little higher purity, such as those carat diamonds, it can be worth the price, plus diamonds, plus diamonds It is not cheap, so there will be a saying of paying IQ taxes. So does it mean to buy a diamond ring now? The diamond ring is not very associated with diamonds. There is a part of diamonds on the diamond ring, but the diamond ring is wider than the diamond use. It is good to buy a diamond ring for the people in my heart. It is very meaningful to buy a diamond ring.
    This diamond ring is very romantic. Everyone knows that the diamond ring is usually when the proposal, or on the anniversary, at this time the boy will take out the prepared diamond ring and give yourself a beloved one of the beloved people you beloved. Mysterious gifts, or give a surprise, make your favorite people bloom, and the deer bumps. This is a very meaningful thing and a very romantic thing. This operation on the anniversary will definitely make you remember. Not only you will be very unforgettable, but the other party will be very moved, and you feel that you are very concerned.
    The diamonds in general diamond rings will exist. On the one hand, the charm of the diamond ring is highlighted. On the other hand, there is a feeling of crystal clear diamond ring. It is very weight. The diamond ring is the same as the diamond. What, such as Sanya, five -carat diamond ring, this is very preserved, not to pay IQ taxes. After all, the value is placed here. Although there is only a little diamond in the diamond ring, this "portion" is very sufficient. Value.
    So buying diamond ring has not greatly related to the diamond intellectual tax, just to say that there are some diamonds in the diamond ring. As for buying a diamond ring, it is not doubtful. Well, if you do n’t buy a diamond ring to propose or give it to the person you love, I think it is not much meaning.

  2. The reason why diamonds are IQ taxes is because diamonds are worthless. It is only because of the combination of love and diamonds to make the diamond look more valuable. I don't think the significance of buying a diamond ring is not great, because the diamond ring does not preserve it.

  3. Because diamonds are not worthy of money, no matter how much artificial or natural costs, and the cost of artificial manufacturing is lower, but it is binded by love with love, and it becomes a luxury product. It will only get less and less. Don't buy it. In contrast, if you want to buy it, buy gold such as hard currency. At least gold cannot be artificial in his lifetime. Nuclear reactions to create gold are not cost -effective enough.

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  5. This is because most people think that diamonds are exactly the same, so they feel that they do n’t mean to buy diamond ring now, but I think it is quite meaningful.

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