4 thoughts on “Why is the gold price of Chongqing Gold Store higher than that of other golden -footed gold shops?”

  1. The gold price of Chongqing Gold Store is higher than that of other gold -footed gold shops. It may be unreasonable for merchants. It can compare a few more choices.
    Gold shop Gold is more expensive than international gold prices
    1. Has lag. At present, the price of gold is about 372. This is only in the past six months. It was indeed above 410 half a year ago. At that time The cost of about 450. The general gold shop capital cycle is far behind the fluctuation of gold prices. Such a large number of goods cannot be sold immediately. At that time, the price of gold was high and it was impossible to lose money.
    2. Fine work expenses, the new type of work expenses, this cost is the fine work fee, so you will find that the classic models sometimes do not have fine work fees.
    3. Routine. One is the high pricing and no fine labor costs.
    The foot gold products in the gold shop are generally divided into two types. One is the gold chain and gold bracelet gold ring. The process is relatively simple. At the gold price workage/handling fee of the day of grams, it is sold. The price of this product is up and down with the price of gold. Other gold products, for example, hard gold or other complex gold jewelry, generally sell it at a price, which is our common price selling, how much is this one, how much money, and so on. Whether it is plain or embedded in K gold products, it is almost sold at a gram of grams. There are no thresholds and barriers for foot gold products. The price is very sensitive, and it is not a monopoly in the "three barrels of oil". Everyone in the market is that you do n’t fall.
    The gold shop actually has two gold prices, one inventory gold price, that is, the price when Curry's gold is bought, one selling gold price, that is, selling for customers. Both prices are affected by international gold prices. The reason why there are two prices is because there is a time difference between the purchase of gold shops and the sales of goods. This time difference will change. In addition to sales data, the profit and loss of gram -priced gold products are also affected by inventory gold and selling gold prices. If the inventory gold price is low and the price of gold is high, the profit of the gold shop will be large. If the inventory price is high and the price of sales is low, the profit of the gold shop will be compressed or even lost. In addition to general marketing operations, it is also a required homework for each operator to control the inventory price. Sometimes compensation is to make money, and earnings are compensation, which is quite a test of IQ.

  2. The price of gold products is the price of gold plus the processing fee and then calculated the profit
    The main gold spot contract of the Shanghai Gold Exchange is 175 yuan/gram, which is the price of thousands of gold
    So now now The price of thousands of gold jewelry is around 220 yuan is a reasonable market, and it is too dark to sell more than 270 now.

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