5 thoughts on “Zhou Shengsheng’s platinum diamond ring is too small. Can you take it to the store for free?”

  1. Zhou Shengsheng provides a free circle service, so the platinum diamond ring can be changed.
    For small rings, it will be achieved through local heating to extend the platinum ring. For large ring rings, it can only be implemented by cutting after cutting. However, there is a problem. There is a certain risk of a ring with a ruming ring, which may be damaged to the diamond. Therefore, the diamond ring should be treated according to the inlay of the diamond. It is recommended to take the store to consult.

  2. Not every style can be changed. If the style that can be changed, it is free for the first time. It is recommended that you go to the store for consultation with the policy or invoice.

  3. You are referring to the ring meter, too small, can you not wear your fingers? If so, you can go to the free replacement. Merchants generally consider this situation.

  4. It should be impossible to change the money for free. It should be added to add money, but if the invoice is issued, it should not be as expensive as the previous price

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