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  1. Everyone is not very strange to furniture! Because we will contact the furniture every day! For example, you can say the sofa, and now buying a sofa has become a pursuit of each household, because having a sofa can reflect the living level of a family from the side. Nowadays, a sofa bed appears on the furniture market. This kind of furniture can be used in the sofa and bed, and the efficiency is very high. Now many families already have this kind of furniture. Next, I will recommend a few sofa bed brands!
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    1. Sports of home private
    Family private brands were founded in 1986. The pioneer of the living room cultural engineering has developed the four major brand sofa series of "left and right sofa scenario", "left and right sofa release art", "Nafei", and "Polet". At present, well -known brands with the highest domestic sofa market. In 2010, the online marketing case of private home "left and right sofas" is the biggest highlight of the sofa brand, which has made the left and right brands perfectly promoted and promoted.
    2. Chihua Shi
    The brand "Chihua Shi Cheers" sofa under the brand of Minhua Group with professional technology and first -class after -sales service, the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Strategic partners of the top 100 Shang. "Chihua Shi Cheers" was awarded the honorary title of "China Famous Brand".
    . Gujia crafts
    Then Gujiajia Furniture has been specially engaged in the research, development, production and sales of living room furniture for more than 20 years. Professional living room layout solution. Gu Jia's craftsmanship has two classic series "Gujia Home" and "KUKAHOME".
    . Sidloland
    Sti Roland brand has a number of sub -brands such as freedom, Roland Sunshine and color cities. The product involves multiple series such as sofas, mattresses, metals, soft beds and bedroom furniture. Adhere to the brand concept of "professional focus and creating excellence", adhere to the original design of the original design, and integrate the art of Chinese and Western home furnishings; lead the innovative trend of furniture and create an innovative thinking of outstanding national brands. Provide fashionable and comfortable home and daily necessities for global residents, so that people have a deeper understanding and experience of furniture culture, and then contribute to the world's home culture.
    5. Milo
    The brand of Zhihao Company is the earliest batch of private companies founded by folk forces since the reform and opening up. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has created the industry's high -end sofa leadership brand and became Chinese furniture. Leading enterprise in industry high -end furniture manufacturing.
    6. Red apples
    "Red Apple" founded in Hong Kong in 1981. For 30 years, one of the brand beliefs that Red Apple has been mentioned is "persistence", "sincerity" and "innovation". For the long -term persistence of brand culture, adhere to the quality standards, environmental protection standards, price standards, and service standards of long -term pursuit of products; adhere to the use of high -quality real materials, try their best to pursue economic benefits, and treat consumers sincerely; continuously improve the home products of home products; R

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