1 thought on “What is the reason why there is a double -sided collapse of the silicon wafer?”

  1. The silicon wafer 插 has the cause and solution of double -sided bonding.
    1. The temperature deviation is too large. Solution: Establish a constant temperature workshop and independent adhesive room.
    2, the opening side has a deviation or is unstable in the Kaifang's sword and is hidden. Solution: The speed of the outer round knife saw is unstable, the quality of the diamond layer of the knife saw is not good, causing the knife marks to be too heavy, the surface of the square rod surface is uneven, and the uneven prominent hidden damage is damaged.
    3, the temperature of glue and dehydration is important. Solution: Use a new glue, which is the process of dehydration. Due to the different thickness and curing conditions of the glue itself, insufficient soaking during dehydration, the temperature and time control of the gum groove Crash.
    4, the cutting speed is too fast. Solution: If the line tension is too small, it will generate the line network.
    5, slot distance and slot technology (hardness and wear). Solution: The effects of poor hardness (the hardness is generally 90) and some other factors of the slot.
    6, the quality of glass. Solution: Change a glass.
    7, the viscosity of the mortar. Solution: The viscosity is too large at the same time.
    8, jump line. Solution: The cutting room is often cleaned and the impurities of the mortar are filtered each time, and the time to check the main time not to use the time.
    9. The adhesive is too hard. Solution: Too hard will produce a lot of heat when bonding, which will cause damage to the surface of the silicon wafer.
    10, mortar. Solution: The phenomenon of bonding together in the process of storage is uneven, and the sand and liquid are not matched.

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