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  1. 1. In traditional buildings, the weak electric pipelines are generally only telephone and television pipelines. In most buildings, vertical trunk lines are usually hidden (or open) along the wall to reach the ground. This traditional method can no longer meet the layout requirements of vertical pipelines in smart building systems. There are the following problems in the application of the vertical pipeline of the bidding:
    (1) affect the wall structure, especially the concentrated crossing of a large number of pipelines
    (2) It brings difficulties to the installation and construction, which is not conducive to pipeline maintenance. Failure to system expansion and transformation
    2, in the design of the design of the design of the design, the setting of the vertical well is basically to lay vertical trunk lines. Due to the widespread application of building intelligent systems, weak electric wells are generally used as strong wells. The location and quantity of the vertical well shall be determined according to the size of the building, the setting of the sedimentation and the fire prevention partition.
    When selecting the position of the vertical well, the following factors should be considered:
    (1) Only close to various equipment rooms
    (2) The same vertical well shall not be shared with the elevator well or pipeline well. Weak and strong electric lines should generally be located on the weak electric axis and strong electric axes, respectively. If the conditions are restricted, we should arrange weak and strong electric lines on both sides of the well, or take isolation measures to prevent the strong electricity from interfere with weak electricity.
    (3) Avoid large or humid facilities such as nearby flue and heat pipes.
    (4) When the condition is allowed, avoid close to the elevator and staircase wells.
    3, the well wall of the vertical well should be a non -combustion body with a refractory limit of not less than 1h. Each floor of the well shall be equipped with maintenance and maintenance doors and open to the public corridor. Its refractory level is not lower than C -Class.
    Except for the necessary wiring spacing size, weak electricity equipment and wiring box layout, the size of the well area should be less than 0.8 meters to facilitate operation and maintenance.
    This shafts per layer are uniform to facilitate the laying of vertical trunk and cables.
    4, the equipment and pipelines and bridges with all intelligent subsystems are arranged in the weak electric well. For example, each floor of the fire alarm system has various control modules, wiring boxes, fire alarm bus, linkage bus, important fire -fighting device manual start -stop control line, fire telephone line, fire broadcasting line. For the building of the computer network system, the weak electric well on each floor is used as a floor device, and the building is set inside.
    The layer network switches, wiring frames, etc., well roads are not only wells. Sometimes there are telephone outboxes and TV distributors in the vertical well. Therefore, for architecture, the closure of vertical shafts is unnecessary, not only to have, but also a certain area.
    5, the computer network system, the number of floor equipment should be considered from the length distance of the floor wiring to the information socket level wiring. When the horizontal wiring length is within the range, the floor device can be set. When this range is exceeded, two or more equipment should be considered.
    The computer network system is used separately. The computer network system area is 1.8m2 (1.2 depth × 1.5 width). The connection hardware and related equipment required for the working space of a single -hole information socket can be installed. Once the number of single -hole information sockets exceeds 200, you can install additional equipment rooms on the floor.
    If the weak wells shared by each smart subsystem, the area of ​​the weak well is greater than the area listed in the above table, generally 4m2. Of course, for residential buildings, real estate developers have limited public areas to improve the area of ​​residential users. The vertical well can also be smaller, but it can only be wiring in the well. The equipment of the relevant departments can only be placed on the wall of public places, which is actually not desirable.
    In the weak well on each floor, 300 mm wide holes should be opened on the floor to arrange bridges and pipelines. When installation of equipment, bridges, and pipelines, the hole is blocked with fire prevention materials.

    The expansion information:
    In outdoor weak electric well precautions:
    (1) The communication crossing pipe should be reserved at 2 meters outside the building red line, and the seal should be made well. Blogen.
    (2) The cross -section of the communication pipe extension plan is reserved to the construction boundary.
    (3) The cross -port high -voltage pipeline refers to the comprehensive pipeline diagram.
    (4) The pipeline groove located in the road area shall be filled with 9%gray soil within 1 meter under the road base.
    (5) Anti -theft cast iron manhole cover is adopted within the pavement range, and steel fiber concrete manhole covers are adopted within the scope of the sidewalk and green belt. This project's communication pipeline adopts a 9-hole grid pipe (PVC-U) SVSY32X9, DN110 Power Plastic Tube (CPVC). The proportion of the two pipes is 2: 4, and the layout method is two rows and three columns.
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