But You Can't': For Security Reasons, Why am I not able to take screenshots?

But You Can't': For Security Reasons, Why am I not able to take screenshots?

But You Can't': For Security Reasons, Why am I not able to take screenshots?
But You Can't': For Security Reasons, Why am I not able to take screenshots?

In the digital world today, with the data proliferation, the data is itself becomes a sensitive to lot of software developers and service providers. This is due to the requirement of security that makes so many applications not allow to be screenshot. In this post, I will explore about why ssh uses security instead of the firefox or an other browser and how this security works 基於安全性原則無法截圖.

Why are there Screenshort Limitations Currently running all the same?

Screenshot restrictions usually take the form of API flags at the technical implementation stage, this means that they are done at the level of most platforms. For the screenshot protection, one can simply do FLAG_SECURE (for Android) and UIApplicationUserDidTakeScreenshotNotification (for IOS). App developers enable this feature when they think that their apps include sensitive data and screen-captures might disclose these data to the user.

Types of Apps Applying These Restrictions: Examples: Banking apps, secure messaging apps, business apps. These apps usually deal with sensitive information; financial information, personal conversations, corporate details etc.

Well, but why restrict taking screenshot?

This is because we have to take care of the user data which should not be exposed. Once you take a screenshot they are effectively able to share and distribute it without the original owner's permission, which rings alarm bells when we are dealing with data breaches and personal security concerns.

Safeguarding Identity Theft: Apps that do not take or allow screenshots protect against identity theft. By the time the camera goes off, fraud has been committed using the personal information that is displayed on screen, being able to be picked up by some malicious entity.

Regulatory requirements: Most apps are legally obligated to store consumer data protectively. For example, regulations like GDPR in Europe or HIPAA in the US, mandate specific requirements around how personal data should be treated and secured.

Implications on User and Feedback(Longer version)

User Convenience Vs Security: While security is important, restriction over screenshot may hamper user-experience, users may need to save that information for some legitimate reasons. This typically results in a fine line between usability and security on the app dev side.

Alternative Solutions Required: Users who need data may have to rely on making manual records in other ways, like with external devices (cameras, scanners), or pen and paper; which might not be as secure or convenient as a simple screenshot.

Understanding these security measures are important for individuals, who have had security put over their head to restrict them from this. Further detail about the approaches and reasoning behind these decisions can be found here.

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