How much is the profit of board games? Why isn't primary and secondary school students a target customer for board games?

6 thoughts on “How much is the profit of board games? Why isn't primary and secondary school students a target customer for board games?”

  1. Board games are actually very capable of exercising people. Primary and secondary school students are in the stage of intelligence growth. It is recommended that you introduce some desktop games with strong competitive confrontation. The effect of exercise is not supplemented by mathematical geometry. Some regular board games competitions are not lower than the growth of teenagers.

    This education in China is more time to make children limited to books on books. Compared to the previous or more generations, strong knowledge is rich, weak in the communication of people and people. ability.

    The advantages of desktop games are also to allow more people to be relieved from the disadvantages of modern educational models. They are also exercising thinking, and have grown in entertainment. The exchanges have also reached the double growth of IQ and EQ.

    The game logic with strong thinking will be difficult to get started. It is more important to find the interest of attracting primary and secondary school students. It is not recommended to introduce too much entertainment games, which will not achieve the effect of development of intelligence. In addition, the self -control of primary and secondary school students will make primary and secondary school students lose their own minds and lose their positive significance. At that time, parents will not let them play board games, and your business will be good.

    This accounts that play board games are not allowed to buy primary and secondary school students. If only primary and secondary school students are interested in this, do not do well in their parents, and do not make them clear about board games correctly. Knowing, and imposing the understanding of traditional games to desktop games, then your store is destined not to be recognized by parents, and development will be blocked accordingly.

    did you have seen teenagers to participate in any Olympiad competition by themselves?
    Which training is not parents' money?
    Id parents' educational funds for their children are lower than the consumption of board games for board games?
    If it is a new way of education, it can play the purpose of training children's thinking, and to make up for the disadvantages of children's personality education in traditional education. Can parents not allow their children to participate?
    If parents support their children to participate in board games, do this group have no ability to consume?

    How is the training now?
    How is it a good school to make a good school?
    In entering a good school, how much does it cost to go to a good class?
    It in the good class, how much does it cost to let the teacher take care of it?

    How can I spend to play board games? Compared with the gold cost above, how much does it cost to board the board game?

    I I believe this number must be far lower than traditional education, but I don’t agree with the "no consumption power". The market, if you are bound by traditional thinking yourself, then your customers will be limited.

    It recommended that you find your own position when the market is positioned, analyze the customer base, be targeted for customer guidance, and publicize the store.

  2. ... Early replace the target with a white -collar worker. They have no time and place, but they have a lot of money. If the first contact with the Three Kingdoms kills, then he thinks that board games are murderers. The hand is Katan Island. These people naturally think that board games are strategic games.

  3. 1: The profit is very small. After all, the competitive investment is small, and there is no huge profit point like a bar or coffee bar.

    2: Elementary and middle school students are reading and playing together every day, without the loneliness of our 20s.
    The primary and secondary school students are mainly learning. Without so much time, there are many restrictions when you have time, and you cannot play together at the same time. They can't afford it, not family no money, but that they are restricted by adults themselves.

  4. I can clearly tell you that this target crowd is not the key.
    This primary and secondary school students as target groups do have their limitations, but they also have the advantages that cannot be ignored. For example, the scenery is almost national popularity. Of course There is no comparability, but this can indicate that a problem is not a product that does not buy a job but does not have appetite.
    Is that children's IQ is generally improved. If you want to grasp the group, you have to take the right medicine for primary and secondary school students who do not like complex collaborative cooperation, or to check that they will feel trouble in the heart. At the point. Their true love is the kind of cards with rich elements, strong fun, and less difficult to get started. For example, the Kakashi Journey of the Eastern Magic Magic Series or the Da Vinci Code of the Western Police Bandit, etc. The key is to fully mobilize their group fun and competitive cards like Kakashi Journey. As long as a small number of people take over, the players will grow geometric growth. Both hands must be hard for our customer groups.

  5. Single -operated board games have a small profit, because playing board games will be relatively long, and limited space does not have a high turnover rate to limit the turnover, and the per capita consumption of board games will generally not be higher than 25 yuan, so the table is the table, so the table is the table. Touring income can pay for rent. The target customer base is spending and time, most of them are friends. So elementary and middle school students do not meet.

  6. I am, I have any questions, I can add it in detail.
    The board game. This industry is that the market in Wuhan is currently in college students. The promotion is limited. I am also a college student. Many people know at present, and many of them have killed the Three Kingdoms online. There are not many people who have been to physical stores, and there are not a few people who have opened board games while major colleges and universities, but relying on the group of students who completely do students, from the actual business point of view, the effect is really unsatisfactory.

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