4 thoughts on “How to change the dollar bought by Bank of China back to RMB”

  1. Process process: The customer can handle the valid ID, fill in related documents, and deliver cash. Valid ID card includes: my ID card (Chinese citizen, account book (Chinese citizen under 16 years old), military identity documents (Chinese People’s Liberation Army), armed police identity documents (Chinese people’s armed police), Hong Kong and Macao residents Residents), Taiwanese residents travel to the mainland (Taiwan residents), passports (foreign citizens or Chinese citizens with passports).
    The retirement procedures, foreign personal original exchanges have not been used to return to the RMB, but I can use my valid identity document. And the original Bank of China redeem water list. The exchanges for the original redemption of water orders are 24 months from the date of exchange. For the cumulative return of the same day, the equivalent value of 500 US dollars (inclusive) and the cumulative on the day of the domestic and foreign offices are accumulated in the country and outside the country. Without exceeding the equivalent value of 1,000 US dollars (inclusive), you can handle it with your valid ID.
    This reminder
    1. The exchange rate changes in real time. Can not be revoked.
    2. Some currencies are only processed at some outlets. For details, please consult the local 95566 or Bank of China counter.

  2. Friends who have just used Alipay may not know how to replace the US dollar with RMB. When the US dollar transferred to the Bank of China account, I found that the money received from the International Branch Bao in the account is also the US dollar.


    First, log in to Bank of China online banking, and then see “settlement and sale”

    , then click “knot sales for sale After entering, select a foreign exchange account, and then click “Account Details” (if not, click “Foreign Exchange” to simply register, and then enter the “settlement and sales”)

    After that, click “Agent”

    . Then, the interface came out, we entered all or some US dollars received, and then click “OK”, then “OK”
    n, (the source of funds, also choose, for example, my dollar is from the International Alipay, then I will choose “other services”)

    and then display the transaction successfully, click ” The bank account “

    Click” Trading Details “

    mi” Query “

    “Small exchange settlement” in business abstracts

  3. Foreign currency can be directly at the bank and exchanged for RMB or other circulating currencies. If you want to be exchanged directly to the RMB, you must exchange it at the Bank of China, and the bank is based on the foreign exchange price of the foreign exchange.

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