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  1. The first is called explosion drainage. You take out 20%of the products in your product, do not make money, and even sell it at a loss, but this product, don’t take this kind of corner material, it is useful Products and even explosive products are used as drainage. Customers naturally know that your product's product is super affordable. You will not say that he will naturally recommend your relatives and friends.
    The second name is the drainage of foreign alliances, which is not related to finding the industry, but the customer group is the same, such as the yoga museum and beauty salon. So at this time, how much you will be sent in our house, and how much you will be sent to our family in your home, in today's society, you can warm up.
    The third gift drainage, as long as you enter the store, you can give you a small gift, small things, but this small gift and small thing must be what your precise customer group needs.
    The fifth name is a variety of value -added service drainage, what does it mean? That is, you go to find the other shops around you, such as opening a restaurant, you go to the clothing store, beauty salon, find these, find them to cooperate, you say I will do a value -added service with you. The alien alliance is different.

  2. How to drain the physical store to the store:
    1. The nearby small program
    is equivalent to free 5 kilometers of traffic exposure. You only need to fill in the location information of your own business or store Commodity information, product discount activities, etc. of the Mini Program Mall. The applet can not only add 1 geographical location, it can add 10 geographical locations in total. In other words, it can add 10 times exposure to the store.
    2. Social sharing
    can share the applet directly with friends, WeChat groups, and friends circle, expand your store's exposure, attract customers who can build a WeChat group, unified operation, follow -up new new operations, followed by new new operations. The promotion can be notified to the customer as soon as possible. This is faster and more efficient than the promotion of leaflets before.
    3. Marketing activity drainage
    Mascape can also use some marketing gameplay of small programs, such as groups, spikes, pre -sale, distribution, coupons, points, membership cards, etc. , Promotional transformation, customer retention.
    . For example, the group can use a variety of gameplay such as vouchers and drainage to the store to quickly fission customers and promote order transformation. Ultra -low prices and tense promotion atmosphere stimulate consumers to place their order quickly. Merchants can also lock customers through the form of membership cards and points combinations, and continue to consume here.

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