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  1. Imagine how a person who does not know about your product can persuade others to buy your product. However, if you lack product knowledge, you will also give customers a mind to you. It is clear that the content you need to understand is: product name, product content, use method, product characteristics, after -sales service, product delivery period, delivery method, price and payment method, production materials and production processes, and understand Let's go on peer and related products. After doing these jobs, you can go to the business, and you can do more with less.n3. In addition to finding customers on the Internet, you can also find customers through professional magazines and the like. Now the magazine industry is relatively popular. Customers in this kind of magazine are compared. Generally speaking It exists, better magazines include HC, Global, etc. This type of magazine industry is relatively clear and easy to find customers.nMany salespersons visit customers will focus on customers, because visiting customers is what they want to do, but this should not be the case. The customers you go to visit are just your potential customers. Whether success or not depends on your personal performance ability. You better not care so much about such customers. So what should you do to visit the customer? Every time you visit the customer, it is best to know those salespersons who are sitting in the waiting room and waiting for younEssence Knowing those talents is the purpose of visiting customers. Those people have the real customers you want to do in their hands, and they are people who have started to cooperate and understand the details of customers. As long as they are willing to introduce to you, are you afraid that no customers do it? The products of each factory or company must purchase a lot of materials during the production process. These materials are bought back from the salespersons who sell these materials through purchasing. How can you understand that companies that produce those materials? If you have sincerity to make those salespersons, no one is unwilling to be friends with you. When you take out your contact book and exchange customers with them, they are also willing. They will not only introduce the customers to you, but also recommend your products and you for their customers. Of course, you have to do the same, so that your customers will automatically come to you!n5. In the end, doing business is to be a process of connection. The larger your relationship network, the easier you will start your business. After you go through the steps above, the direction you find your customer should be transferred from the customer to the relationship with those salespersons. If you are fine, you will run to their company and chat with them. Sincerely, there will always be good customers to do it for you, and your customers will be more in the process of your exchange. Because you can exchange customers from A to B, and then use A. B exchanged customers to exchange with C. Your client will become as bigger as snowballs.n6. In addition to the salesman in the industry where you can introduce you to the customer, you can also use another method to find customers -you will let your customers introduce you to customers. Although this method is difficult, it is not difficult to do. When you are sincere to the customer, the customer will introduce your advantages to his friends, because there are not a few friends who are engaged in the same industry. If not, he is not a successful boss. Making business is carried by each other, and it is very few to start by yourself by yourself. After all, there are relatives or friends who start to do it first and then bring them up. Especially the era of this family business everywhere. In this way, the client introduces his friends to do business with you, because he is introduced by a friend, and he is already sure of you. Such customers are almost guaranteed to do much effort.n7. The last method is a very particular skill and sincerity. Of course, if you can't do that level, you can use it without using it. You can master the above methods. You are already a very successful salesperson. I used to lose a lot of customers in this method, but I believe he exists and can execute, that is, let your competitors introduce you to customers. What is doing business is a operation, and the business can be flexibly done in the end, because the products produced by your company may not necessarily satisfy the entire market, then when you meet customers you can't satisfy, such as your When the price is too high, and the quality is too high, the customer is not acceptable, then you can find a manufacturer of the same product as you and introduce the customer to him. The same reason is that when that manufacturer meets your product requirements but he cannot produce itself, he will introduce the customer to you. Although the truth can be done, it is not easy to operate. It is likely that the manufacturer you encounter is different from you, so you will be very disadvantaged.nLooking for customers onlinenNow looking for customers on the Internet has become the mainstream, the method is mainly to publish information on some business websites. I think it is necessary to continue to send it, and keep looking for places to be published desperately. To be a member of the website, spend money, you need to pay desperately every day! Some people will say that this is not very tired. There is no way to find customers online, otherwise there will be a lot of opportunities! Multi -commercial websites are usually collected, and business websites that are suitable for your own products are your daily work content.nB-I think doing tradenTo do business is the process of making a businessman and friends, finding a way to make more friends, and your customers will follow. Many people are not your client today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe he may introduce more businessmen and friends to you. As long as you continue to accumulate, the customer resources will be great (even some people are not suitable for your product , To be a business, the worst case may also tell you who who are applying for you when you are applying for the future. Hehe.nC-seeing above, there must be friends who will say, how can the vast people make a business friend? Yes, friends who ask this question seem to be really doing things. Foreign trade talents who think of problems. Congratulations to you, wealth will come to you sooner or later, just a matter of time! In fact, it is not a matter of two days or two, and it cannot be done quickly, because it is a matter of two people, just like chasing MM, it is not advisable, so friends who do foreign trade must have a high stand and see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, see far away, you can see far and look far away. With a long time, you can always treat every friend you think you are worthy of interaction for a long time. Maybe it won't be long, you will find that there are already a lot of businessmen friends! Then, then, thennThe first trick: It is a good way to accumulate in work, such as those who have been inquiring about you, the customers you have sold yourself, in fact, these are your potential businessmen and friends. You have a contact, usually phone or E-mail, MSN, in fact, you can take the initiative to greet others every other time or in what festivals, and the relationship will be heated up. Too enthusiastic, I am not responsible for getting other misunderstandings!nThe second trick: often go to some forums that businessmen may gonThere are many ways, I do n’t give examples one by one, doing business is a man.

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