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  1. This job is not difficult, but it depends on the situation of the unit. The work of the administrative clerk involves a wide range and cumbersome affairs. It also has certain requirements for the quality and efficiency of the completion of the work. Therefore, there must be enough. Patience and carefulness, and have a certain affinity, so that it is easy to upgrade for a short time, which is also a must -have for administrators.
    It, an administrative clerk is a position without specific technical requirements, so there are many people who may compete. If you do n’t have a special education or experience, you must consider entering the industry with caution.
    Extension information:
    A administrative clerk's employment responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the management of company office equipment, computer, fax machines, signature long -distance telephone, specific use and registration of copy machines, business card printing and other work Essence
    2. Responsible for the collection and distribution of company emails and newspapers.
    3. Responsible for the wiring of the company's telephone chief. The telephone call is accurate, timely, clear, and kind, and properly use polite words; the records that failed to contact in the case and promptly referred to the case; the emergency telephone managed to connect, and the person who did not pass on the administrative manager of the administrative department handled it.
    4. Responsible for the distribution, registration and recovery of the low -value and easy -to -consume office supplies.
    5. Responsible for the storage of various types of office supplies warehouses, counting the monthly, year -end deposit statistics, so as to have the procedures for acceptance, the outbound and outbound, and ensure that the account is consistent.
    6. According to the standard quota, do the planning and purchase procedures for the addition of office supplies, so that it is neither out of file nor long -term accumulation.
    7. Complete various diligence and procurement work.
    8. Responsible for the inspection and supervision of indoor and outdoor greening and bonsai conditions of the company's office space to ensure a comfortable and good working atmosphere.
    9. Responsible for the inspection of the entire office area at get off work, check the closure of doors and windows, water machine power, computer power supply and other records.
    10. Complete other tasks assigned by the administrative department temporarily.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Executive Citizens

  2. Administrative clerk work involves a wide range of aspects and cumbersome affairs. It also has certain requirements for the quality and efficiency of the completion of the work. Due to the different operating methods and size of the company, the administrative clerk has different work arrangements.
    . The main work content of the administrative clerk is as follows:
    1. Assist in recruiting personnel to personnel;
    . The procedures for entering the factory and the procedures for the resignation;
    3. Assist in the preparation of the education and training of new personnel and post -order work;
    4. Establishment and control of employee files; R n 6. Responsible for the work of the company's personnel changes (handling the procedures of personnel transfer, promotion, mobilization, and downshift);
    7. Sign and collect all kinds of materials, organize and classify and archive. (Classified and sorting of company procedure documents, internal contact, external liaison, conference materials, various training materials, attendance materials, reward and punishment materials, personnel changes information, etc.);
    8. Daily and monthly attendance work on employees. (Daily, monthly attendance daily form, monthly manpower flow statistics table, vacation, holiday procedures, normal check cards, supervision/overtime application procedures, etc.);
    9. Corresponding and submission of relevant reports at the end of the month In finance;
    10. Employee labor contracts, temporary residence permits and various insurances;
    11. Complete the task of temporary delivery of leaders.
    . The post requirements of administrative clerk:
    1. Can operate computer independently, be proficient in operating Word, Excel, and other office automation software and internet emails; Office automation equipment;
    3. With good memory and the ability to allocate and communicate with time, we must also have a strong sense of confidentiality;
    . R n 5. Chinese English typing speed is fast, and can be proficient in Chinese character input method such as Wubi input;
    6. Master common English spoken English, have good English reading and writing ability.

  3. This job is not difficult, but it depends on what your unit is. Generally speaking, there are many trivial things waiting for you to do it. You must have patience, and you must be careful and affinity, so it is easy to upgrade for a short time. Also remind you that administrative clerk is a position without specific technical requirements, so there may be many people who may compete. If you do not have a special education or experience, it is recommended not to choose this line, it is difficult to develop

  4. Administrative clerk
    The company will recruit an administrative clerk in order to receive guests. The executive clerk is sitting at the door of the company, representing the company's facade and image, so most companies have certain takeaway requirements for the job position of administrators, such as good temperament and good appearance. Wait, the corresponding requirements of the larger company will be higher. Each company will have a front desk, usually a girl with good image temperament. The larger the company, the higher the image requirements of the candidate. However, the opposite is that the requirements of this position are high, and they must have good appearance and temperament, but the salary is not very high. The posts of the administrators in most first -tier cities are about 3500, even some parts of the individual parts, and even some parts Salary is lower.

    . In addition to doing a good job in the job of the administrative clerk, there are still "one person and more post" in some small companies, which means In addition to your own job, you must also do some other positions, such as financial work, HR work, etc., and also help the boss "miscellaneous". There are many trivial things.

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