jewelry wholesale com Is e-krona true and reliable?

jewelry wholesale com Is e-krona true and reliable?

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  1. 18k wholesale jewelry E-Krona's design concept was proposed by the Nordic Swedish central bank. In 2017, the system development of electronic Krona E-Krona was launched. Krones is a virtual encrypted digital currency in P2P form. E Kerong blockchain and wallet systems have matured and improved. Users can use E Kerong global payment. E Kerong payment will be "as simple as sending text messages."

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  2. wholesale jewelry in maryland Personally, I think it is good. The major financial reports are that the traditional legal currency of Sweden is "Krona". The central bank's digital currency is called "E-Krona" in English. Planning as a global circulation has always been virtual currency, the Swedish central bank stated that if E Kerong eventually enters the circulation field, it will also launch a tool called "Krona Mining Machine" as a market user distribution benefits. To obtain it, the Ekrang obtained by the mining enters the Ekrona account, and finally flows to the market trading. It can be used for daily banking activities, such as payment, purchase of goods, deposits, and digital wallet addresses from mobile phone applications.

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