Italian Serie A: Bologna v Atalanta La Liga: Bilbao v Osasuna

La Liga: Bilbao v Osasuna

Match time: 23-01-10 04:00 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

Bilbao have been in good form this season, with seven wins, four draws and four defeats, and are sixth in the league. In recent seasons Bilbao have struggled to qualify for Europe, but because of their lack of consistency, they tend to drop out of the top four at the back end of the league. This season Bilbao still have good results in the first half of the campaign and are currently only two points adrift of Atletico Madrid in fourth place. Believe in the near future this team is also very likely to temporarily join the league’s top four ranks.

It is worth mentioning that Bilbao has maintained an unbeaten record since last November. The outstanding results of eight wins and one draw in all competitions make the team look unusually strong. Perhaps the only thing that makes the team senior management a little worried is the thickness of Bilbao’s squad, after all, there is a large strength gap between the main players and the substitutes. If Bilbao are to compete for fourth place in the Premier League this season, then they may have to focus on adding to the bench. diriangén – olimpia.

Bilbao returned from the off-season with two wins and a draw. In their last match, the team won the Copa del Rey by beating Edens 6-1 away from home. From the process of the game, due to the overall strength of Edens and Bilbao there is a big gap, so this game Bilbao in the case of the main force to win very easily, through several strong attack Bilbao in the first half has achieved a two-goal lead, and the second half in the opponent’s formation spread out, Bilbao’s offensive is completely unstoppable. In the end, the team scored four goals in the second half to seal the victory.

Osasuna new season did not change much, the current seven wins, two draws and six losses of the record, ranked ninth in the league. As a mid-table team in La Liga, Osasuna has not been able to make much of a breakthrough in recent years. Although the team has been able to dominate against weaker opponents, it has been criticized for its lack of confidence against the other big leagues, and due to the club’s limited support in attracting players, Therefore, it is difficult for Osasuna to get any improvement from the transfer. It is believed that this team will still have a hard time achieving good league results this season. Perhaps the mid-table position will be the final destination of this team.

Of course, the overall strength of Osasuna is only relative to other league teams in general, in the face of weak opponents, Osasuna is still cross in front of these teams is an insurmountable barrier, it can be said that the positioning of this team in La Liga field is like a strong team test, if not Osasuna this barrier, It will be difficult for the team to do well in the league.

In the last match, Osasuna drew 1-1 with Tarragona in the Copa del Rey. Osasuna struggled to advance in extra time thanks to an own goal from their opponents. Throughout the game, Osasuna scored only one goal on 23 shots. Had it not been for Tarragona playing a man down in extra time, Osasuna would have struggled to qualify.

Analysis of the competition:

Last season, Bilbao won two games against Osasuna with six points. In the last 10 meetings, Bilbao won four games, drew two games and lost four games against Osasuna. We have analyzed before that Osasuna is a strong team test in La Liga, but this season Bilbao has shown a stronger form, In addition to Bilbao last game but just harvest a big win, the morale of the players is now in a higher level, this game should be difficult to stop the Osasuna Bilbao forward pace, believe in their home Bilbao probability will be able to continue the hot attack state of the last game.

Serie A: Bologna v Atalanta

Game Time: 2023-01-10 03:45 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

Bologna new season state flat, the current five wins, four draws and seven losses of the record, ranked in the league eleventh. The team finished 13th in the Premier League last season. The lack of quality signings in successive seasons has made it difficult for Bologna to stay in the competition, but this season the team has been very good at home, having lost only one of their previous 10 home games against Bologna. This home record has even been able to compete with a number of top four teams, if Bologna can continue to maintain their strong home games, I believe the league position should not change much in the near future.

In their last game, Bologna lost 1-0 away to Roma and failed to get off to a good start after returning from the off-season. From the process of the game, Roma is early to take the lead, the striker Dybala met in the penalty area for the team to win a penalty opportunity, Pellegrini firmly into the ball to break the deadlock, but Roma in the lead after also played very conservative, behind Bologna but for a long time to take the initiative on the field. Bologna would have had a good chance of picking up points away from home had Roma not been so solid in defence.

Atlanta new season condition is more general, the current eight wins, four draws and four losses of the record, ranked seventh in the league. Atlanta believes fans are familiar with the team, which has a real blue and black nickname and has provided them with great offensive games at times over the past season. But the new season’s form is not very ideal, three consecutive home defeats in the first round of the offseason dropped the team out of the top four, although the previous World Cup also gave the team a long period of adjustment, but the team this season is likely to be very difficult. After all, Atalanta are now six points adrift of Inter Milan in fourth place, with Roma and Lazio ahead of them.

The last game, Atlanta away 2-2 and Spezia to draw, from the process of the game, this game Spezia in their home field is to Atlanta to a blow Mawei, the game just opened only eight minutes, Spezia with a fast attack to break the deadlock on the field, although Atlanta is also behind, But instead of a quick equaliser, several comebacks were seized by Spezia, who doubled the lead to two goals in the 31st minute. Many fans may be friends for the Atlanta team slow heat of the old problem is also some understanding, the second half of the team in a large number of pressure to get the opportunity to attack, finally is chasing two goals will be a big score at 2-2.

Analysis of the competition:

Last season, two games against Bologna a draw and a loss, did not get any cheap in the hands of Atalanta, the last ten encounters Bologna a win, two draws and seven losses, also in the absolute underdog. Although Bologna is an old Serie A team, but the overall strength of Atalanta is still more powerful than Bologna, but the Atalanta team has always been strong in attack and weak in defence, plus Bologna’s last five home games have won five consecutive games, although the last game lost to Roma, but in fact the team did not fall behind on the field. I believe Bologna should be able to show that they are more than capable of picking up three valuable points on their home turf if Atalanta are still out of sorts.

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