5 thoughts on “What does it mean for agents? Intersection”

  1. Answer: The agent refers to the legal consequences of the agent within the scope of the agency authority and in the name of the agent’s name, and the legal consequences generated directly belong to the agent.

  2. The supplier directly helps you ship. For example, you represent our crab and cow children’s clothing! Your online shop is listed on our company’s clothes. Some buyers have bought it and paid you! You are here to buy the same style, color, code, number of pieces. If you need to fill in the delivery address, you need to fill in your buyer’s delivery address, and we can directly ship the goods to your buyer. We will send you an email after delivery, and there will be logistics information in it. You can order the goods in your store, and you can fill in the logistics information. Just fill in the delivery address and write our delivery address ~~!

  3. It is to be an agency of someone else, that is, a general saying on the generation
    The shipment is divided into two types:
    one is the one you mentioned, a bit of stocking, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, the shortcomings of the shortcomings, the lower profit of the profit. There is a risk of repayment.
    . The other is the self -stocking: that is, the goods are your own, and the platform helps you store and ship. The advantage is high profits, freedom, no risk of repayment, and disadvantages to stock up.
    The adaptation of different people, willing to make more money with sales, and want to save costs without sales. It is not reliable to add a little bit of a joining fee for a generation.

  4. It is an agent. If a guest can buy things, it can allow the manufacturer to ship directly to the customer’s hands.
    It, a large part of the seller on Taobao is the source of agent manufacturers, and then sells it. This is called the agent. After the buyer’s order, contact their supplier directly, place an order, pay, and then the supplier directly ships to the buyers of these agents. This process is the agent-delivery.
    The proxy does not require inventory, does not need to pack the goods to send courier, eliminating a lot of operations, and agents are more common in online stores.

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