where can i buy wholesale jewelry to sell Is there a yin and yang division in Xiaoqi mobile games?

where can i buy wholesale jewelry to sell

1 thought on “where can i buy wholesale jewelry to sell Is there a yin and yang division in Xiaoqi mobile games?”

  1. cheap jade jewelry wholesale Think of your pig’s mind. Is this discount platform his father? Why does the game official give him such a low price? 4.6 % off. Who will go to the official money? Do you think that you do business and sell things, will you let others collect money? And you sell ten yuan, he sells you 5 yuan and sells you for 4 yuan. Do you understand this? What is naive. How can we reach 4.6 % off? Very simple. 1. The game of the game will be maintained by your platform. Electricity costs are rented, you will pay for employee salary. You pay for the salary planned for new events, and you pay for the salary of the new character, the new map, and the new map. You are responsible for game promotion. Then I will give you 4.6 % off. got it? And these discount platforms are recharged virtual currencies in their platform and then transferred to the game. Think about this routine. Take the big game of NetEase, for example, so many games he agents dare to say 4.6 discounts? The game developer would not kill him. If you really want to play games, you can only go to the official website to recharge. It is impossible for people’s game developers to make 10 yuan for you to go to other places to charge 10 yuan and give him 4 yuan. The server group is developer. What data do you see if your account login is seen. Could it be that the discount platform will help you with 4 yuan for the official? Another is the game bought by the discount platform. The game developer I said above developed the game and then sold the copyright to the game platform. Then the game platform advertisement said that this game is only 40 % off. But this game was originally his. The original price is 4 yuan to tell you 10 yuan. It only costs 4 yuan now. Do you understand this route? Then you still feel earlier. But when you enter the game, you find that it is all V, and there are many explosions. Then this game is opened once every few days. Then integrate it to make you compare with money. Even if he is 10 % off, it will cost more than you play games. Then you will find that there are no money after the district. The game platform continues to open a few more times and cut a few waves of leeks. After squeezing you dry in the game, she cleared, because the server is required for money every day. But at this time he had an excuse, he would say that the game was not he developed hahaha. He is just a discount platform. What do you do?

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