5 thoughts on “Which used car in Chongqing is good in market?”

  1. According to 2019 data, the Chongqing used car trading market has a good reputation in the second -hand car trading market (No. 99 Auto Bo Center at 99 Jinyu Avenue) and Western Automotive City used car market (No. 20 Yonan Avenue).
    The should pay attention to buying used cars, check the vehicle itself and the bottom of the vehicle.
    1. Check the problem of vehicle: Check the various types of manipulating equipment, whether the turning light flashs is normal; whether the speaker sound is normal; whether the wiper is normal, whether the direction of the wipe is normal; whether there is any problem with the device of the adjustment of the seat; , No stuck or loose.
    The lacket gap during braking is too large; whether the hand brake still has a gap that can be pulled during the brake car; whether it feels smooth or not when shifting, whether the bite feel is obvious.
    2, the bottom of the vehicle: Go to see the sheet metal of the body horizontally and see how many places have repaired it. There are traces of straightening or welding of beams and water tank hoods; open the compartment of the suitcase to see if there are signs of welding.
    Is whether the chassis has vulnerabilities or rust, whether the body rubber is cracking and leaking, and whether the load bearing beam of the chassis is obviously twisted.
    Extension information:
    The qualified used car procedures are as follows: invoices (whether it is a new car invoice for 4S shops or second -hand invoices), motor vehicle taxation certificate (a small green skin), motor vehicle vehicle) Registration certificate (a green book), insurance form (at least there should be compulsory insurance), motor vehicle driving license, etc.

  2. The eight -kilometer western used car market is still good, there are more merchants, and many businesses are relatively large. Among them, Huanyu Automobile was established in 2000. It can be established in the second -hand car industry for 20 years. trustworthy.

  3. Do not buy a second -hand car in Yubei and Yu in Yubei! Do not buy a second -hand car in Yubei and Yu in Yubei! Do not buy a second -hand car in Yubei and Yu in Yubei! The second -hand cars I bought in their original store have been deceived, and the accident car is sold when the car is normal.
    This must sign a formal contract when buying a second -hand car, indicating no accidents, fire -free, and blisters; there are three -party identification.

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