Wuhan Hotel Recruitment Information? It's best to be a five -star hotel

I have done it in a well -known five -star hotel in Beijing. When I came out of Wuhan, I wanted to find a similar job in Wuhan (I can do it in any post in the Ministry of Entertainment). Recruitment!

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  1. The following is Wuhan Five -Star Hotel

    It if you intend to go to the hotel to ask
    The Wuhan Mago Lo Luo Hotel

    Wuhan Jinjiang International Hotel-Details »
    Address: Wuhan Construction Avenue 707
    Tel: 027-85786888
    n Hotel Comment
    The Xinyi Hotel, Wuhan New Binkai n Address: No. 438, Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-68882666
    n Wuhan Huamea Guanggu Hotel Hotel -D detail »
    Address: No. 726, Luoyu Road, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-87806888

    Hotels Overview Hotel Comment
    Wuhan Development Avenue No. 185
    Tel: 027-85888668

    Liyue Hotel (Wuhan) n Address: No. 118, Jianghan Road, Wuhan

    Wuhan Guangming Wanli Hotel
    Address: 98 Xudong Street, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-86621388

    n Hongguang Hotel (Wuhan) -D detail »
    Address: No. 782, Democratic Road, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-87139999

    : No. 630 Jiefang Avenue, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-83808888

    Xibang Ke Hotel (Wuhan) - Details »
    Address: Wuhan Construction Avenue 933
    Tel: 027-82656688
    May May Flower Hotel (Wuhan) n Address: 385 Wuhan Road, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-68871588

    Lakebin Garden Hotel (Wuhan) - Details »
    Address: No. 115, Luoyu Road, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-87782888

    Ster International Hotel (Wuhan)
    Address: No. 19, Dong Hunan Road, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-59548108

    Xiongchu International Hotel (Wuhan) n Address: Wuhan Xiongchu Street No. 335
    Tel: 027-87388888

    Address: No. 5, Youth Road, Hankou, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-83630888

    Hotel overview hotel reviews
    Newbinkai New Age International Hotel (Wuhan) n Address: Wuhan Wuyun Road No. 442
    Tel: 027-59819999

    Tel: 027-827766666

    The hotel overview hotel reviews
    Donghu Building (Wuhan) - Details »
    Hotel Comment
    The New Waldo Fort Hotel (Wuhan) -D detail »
    Address: Wuhan Construction Avenue No. 558

    Cri -La Hotel (Wuhan) - Details »
    : 700, Wuhan Construction Avenue
    Tel: 027-85806868

    n Address: No. 1 Changshan Special No. 1 in Mountain Street, Wuhan City
    Tel: 027-84780808

    East Street No. 7
    Tel: 027-86728888

    Hotel overview hotel reviews

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