Facial massage tips for better skin care

Anti-aging, besides costly skin care, these techniques do you get?

Bags under the eyes, law lines, puppet lines, commonly known as "38 lines". The appearance of "38 lines" on the face can make people feel older than they actually are. There are numerous fairies most will choose medical cosmetics, which can be an immediate solution to this problem. But it's not simply cosmetic treatments that can help us get rid of the 38th line. Some fairies prefer to do facial yoga for a workout. After all, cosmetic treatments are controversial and not for everyone.This is jade roller wholesale factory.

Supergirl Jie has shared her tensioning secret by massaging her face with a spoon and olive oil. ​Numerous beauty stars prefer to use a spoon to massage the facial skin to achieve a lifting effect. Face yoga can also achieve this effect. Basic facial yoga moves are simple, but can be a great workout for your face. The combination of massage oil can also make the skin firmer. Proper facial muscle exercises can tighten the loose skin around the eyes, mouth and chin. Improve skin tone, beauty, anti-aging, which is what every woman wants to learn, try facial yoga. A few minutes a day is enough.​

1, the beep

This action relaxes the muscles around the mouth and slows down the formation of lines.

The action is as follows:

A, to relieve sin and anger, drum into the shape of the bun, as shown below.

B, inflate and deflate, repeat 20 times.

2. Knead the apple muscle

This movement can help exercise our apple muscles. The fullness of the apple muscles gives people a feeling of vitality and youthful vitality.

The action is as follows:

A, gently press the apple muscle with the middle and ring fingers of both hands.

B, slightly exert abdominal force to pull up the apple muscle, stop and hold for 5 seconds.

C) Repeat 3 to 4 times for every 10 movements.

3. Pout and turn your head

This action can improve the lines, but also play a role in slimming the face.

The action is as follows:

A, pucker your mouth and move it side to side for 3 seconds on each side, then up and down, also for 3 seconds on each side. Repeat 3 sets.

B, Open your mouth and move it left and right 50 times. Repeat 3 times.

C, finally clench your mouth for 10 seconds and repeat 3 times.

4. Apply eye cream

This movement can massage the skin around the eyes. It is known that the skin around the eyes is fragile and easily loses water. Therefore, fine lines are easy to grow around the eyes and the poet looks aged. This move is designed for exactly that point.

The action is as follows:

Use the ring fingers of both hands to tap around the eyes, counterclockwise and clockwise can be used, massage at the same time with the eye cream will be better.

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